Laidlaw & Company: Choosing A Trusted Investment Banking Firm

As one of the most reputable investment banking firms in the industry, Laidlaw & Company has provided services to numerous clients around the world. This firm has over 170 years experience in the field and is dedicated to providing top notch investment advice and guidance. Laidlaw & Company believes in honesty, integrity and transparent transactions.

Laidlaw & Company renders vast range of traditional and alternative investment solutions and outstanding service. Laidlaw & Company’s executive management James Ahern seeks out clients who are high net worth individuals or institutions. Laidlaw & Company has Wealth Management Division, which is perfect for those looking for high quality investment services and solutions. They offer high net worth clients the chance to get involved in their premiere investment opportunities.

When I consulted them for Portfolio Management and other financial services, I had a pleasant experience and was completely satisfied with the level of service I received. The professionals at Laidlaw & Company are highly knowledgeable and dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients. And due to my consultation with the advisors at Laidlaw & Company, I was able to reach my goals quicker than I expected.

I discovered that Laidlaw & Company seeks to preserve their client’s capital through diversification. They believe that security selection and asset allocation are extremely important when it comes to determining investment performance.

They allocate their client’s investment fund across a wide array of well research asset classes, helping to maximize their return potential while managing their exposure to investment risk. Their financial planning is designed with their clients’ needs in mind.

When it comes to choosing a great investment banking firm, Laidlaw & Company is your clear choice. Visit their website to learn more about the various investment solutions and financial services they offer.

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Coca-Cola Stops Production in Venezuela

Add Coca Cola products to the list of things that Venezuelans will soon be going without. FEMSA, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the Latin America, will be suspending production in Venezuela due to the shortage of sugar. On Thursday, FEMSA issued a statement saying, “Ninety percent of the production requires sugar. We are not going to shut our central office right now. We are not leaving Venezuela,” reports La Patilla Daily.
FEMSA Coca Cola is not the only company to suspend production according to expert Norka Luque. Most foods and ingredients needed to manufacture necessities are imported. With the economic crisis worsening, imports and food aren’t coming in to Venezuela. Because of this, manufacturers across the country are shutting their doors. In April as reported by Dateas, Polar Group, Venezuela’s largest private company, shut down production of beer citing a shortage of barley. In response to the high amount of companies suspending production, last week, President Nicolas Maduro again threatened government seizure of closed factories and to imprison their owners.


Why Lime Crime Has Two Million Followers

Entrepreneurship is different than it was several years ago. A company such as Lime Crime can rise to fame with methods that would have been unthinkable and impossible a few short decades ago. Their use of social media serves as the exemplar for reaching people and making them feel comfortable. In this article, it is reported that Lime Crime has acquired two million followers on Instagram. This company is able to reach out to millions of people on a personal level. Rather than serving as a disconnected big business, Lime Crime stands on the foundation of the adoration of its’ customers.  Follow them on Instagram yourself @limecrimemakeup.

A Community
In the linked article, it is pointed out that many companies will use their social networking website as an opportunity to sell something to their customers. It is nothing more than a business transaction. Lime Crime has shifted away from that impersonal and disconnected environment. They believe that it is more important to establish a community of people who are united behind a common ideal, and that ideal will inevitably lead to more sales and a greater adoration among their fans. It is quite a brilliant maneuver. It transcends the relationship between business and customer.

Makeup On Skin Tones
One of the most frustrating struggles of purchasing makeup is not knowing how it looks on a skin tone. This often results in a long process of trial and error until one finds the makeup that works best. Lime Crime has abruptly set a new standard for the cosmetic industry. Now, women can take a look at makeup as applied to a variety of different skin tones. She can find one that closely matches her complexion and assess which tone of makeup she should select. This saves customers a lot of time and money.

To Lime Crime, makeup is not merely a way for a lady to adorn her face and to look more beautiful. It is a form of artistic expression. She is telling the world something about herself when she applies makeup. She is expressing her personal creativity. That is how they have acquired so many fans.  Find their Velvetines on Amazon.

Beneful Dog Food Getting A Revamp

Today, most pet owners prefer their dogs to have food similar to what is put on the family table. A number of dog food companies are adding ingredients to make food look and smell like human food.
Beneful, owned by Nestle PurinaStore PetCare, has come under fire recently for some of its ingredients. When Beneful was introduced in 2001, it quickly became one of the highest-selling dog foods on Wal-Mart.

One ingredient, propyyne glycol, which is often used in both human and pet foods is FDA approved. The unfortunate part is many people have confused it with ethylene glycol (anti-freeze)- a substance that can kill pets if ingested. Beneful critics have also argued that dyes and mycotoxins are found in the foods. These ingredients are minuscule and have virtually no effect on pets. In fact, the FDA allows minimal levels.

A class action suit was brought against Nestle Purina PetCare in 2015, and many of these issues were raised. Litigants said that their dogs and cats were falling ill due to certain ingredients in the food. The company calls the lawsuit frivolous and says they have no intentions of settling.

According to company spokesperson Janet Jackson, Beneful’s foods are being completely reformulated for reselling on Amazon. She says the change has nothing to do with the pending lawsuit. Jackson says the new and improved foods will hit the shelves on May 9, and full distribution across the U.S. will be in August.

Sugar will also be removed from the foods, as well as the propylene glycol. All of the changes will be made to the dry dog food. With the wet foods, everyone will have to wait. Visit for more info.



Solo Capital Markets And Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a company that was made from his idea of starting his own investment firm. Shah started off as a young man with a lot of potential. His family saw him as a doctor, and that had a big influence in his decision to study medicine. When Shah was in college he learned that numbers were his passion, and he wanted to be able to work in the financial sector. Shah decided that he was going to change his major, and he began to study accounting.

After graduation Shah was able to begin working at some of the most well known banks in all of the word. He quickly became a trusted investment banker, because it was obvious that he was skilled in banking, and that he was a man that could handle important financial decisions. In 2009 there was a huge financial crisis, and Shah found himself without a job. Shah had no idea what he was going to do, so he decided that he was going to start his own investment company. That is how Solo Capital came about.

Solo Capital deals in professional sports investments, property trading, and consulting. Solo Capital Markets was incorporated in 2011 and they have had huge success since the companies conception. In 2015 alone, Solo Capital Markets was able to make over 15 thousand euros in net gains. Solo Capital has its headquarters in London, but they work with different businesses all around the world.

Sanjay Shah owns dozens of different businesses all around the world. Sanjay Shah is not just a wealthy business owner, but he is also a loving husband and father. Shah’s son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 years old, and that made Shah investigate the disorder. Shah founded Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that investigates Autism and donates money to foundations that help individuals with Autism. Apart from that, Shah is also a very giving philanthropist.

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The Work Life of CCMP CEO Stephen Murray

When it comes to finance and investment Stephen Murray was at the best of his element. I have no doubt that he was good at crunching numbers and interpreting the market. After completing his MBA he found his first employment at MH Equity Corporation and then climbed the corporate ladder from there. I am inclined to believe that he was fond of his job since he worked constantly and represented the same company albeit in different names for the rest of his life.

I know that he orchestrated the turnaround of CCMP capital from restraints and tight surging leveraged-market that were not performing well. I know that he personally sought out gifted and learned individuals to arrange a spin off from JP Morgan Chase. Unlike other people who think they know everything Murray ran the idea through his boss so as to hear what he thought.Read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M

Personally I would be intimidated when in the presence of a CEO like Jamie Dimon. This is a clear indication that he was a disciplined person who followed procedure and laid down protocols. I am impressed that he was able to read the market and successfully predict what was coming not many people realized equity stagnation was about to hit.

I can describe him as a workaholic who preferred to finish everything in his plate before taking on new endeavors. I realized that he was not wooed by the large amount of private equity and leveraged buying that attracted many investors.Read more: The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

Instead he read the tail tells signs and immediately knew something was wrong. He recognized talent when he saw it and was not afraid of people taking on the limelight. In 2008 he enlisted Greg Brenneman and made him chairman of the board. I think it was a very courageous move that he made. Others criticized him but it turned out he knew what he was doing. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Apart from his business ventures Stephen Murray was a philanthropist. I liked this combination since he was able to use his influence to promote contribution to various organizations. I have read reports from those who had previously worked with him, they described Stephen Murray as a person with “managed ego”. This is a departure point for most CEOs with successful businesses. His staff opined that as much as he liked contribution he preferred thought out thesis. In my opinion Stephen Murray was a serious entrepreneur who did not associate with egocentric people.

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Wen Hair Products for Beautiful Hair hair care products are very popular, and many people know them. They are advertised in QVC commercials every now and then, seen on beauty blogs like Total Beauty Magazine and many individuals use them. When a beautiful woman is spotted shaking their hair, people want to know the secret behind the look, and when they are told that it is the cleansing conditioner that has brought the look; many people go for it in order to experience the magic.
One of the fanatics and die- hard of hair care products decided to try the product and find out if these was the truth. The client decided to use the Wen Cleansing Conditioner in order to see if there could be any transformation in her thin hair. She wanted to have the luscious and beautiful strands many people had.

WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioners are quite popular. They are actually all in one conditioner, shampoo, and styling treatment for your hair. The management of the company says that its products are ideal for all hair types, and they say the only thing needed is the formulation. The client chose the Fig version because it had indicated that it was good for hair moisture, shine, and bounce. This is the look she had been wishing to achieve for some time.

In the past, there were some negative complaints from consumers, although they were quite rare about the effects of using the brand products. However, the client was willing to take the chances and experience the good look she was dreaming of. She is an individual who likes trying beauty products, and she also understood the consequences of the new products.

The client tried the hair products for several days, and the results were actually very good from the start. Her hair stopped breaking when washing; it got the bouncing and shining look she had always dreamt about. Wen Hair is available online on

How Kyle Bass Helped Crush A House of Cards

The sub-prime lending crisis prior 2008 was the result of mortgage cards stacked to resemble a strong structure, but literally built on nothing. It was going to collapse eventually, there’s no way around that. The principle is TANSTAAFL, There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Something doesn’t, and can’t, come from Nothing. That said, a house of cards will stand until a breeze comes along. In this case, the breeze came from Kyle Bass, an Argentine hedge fund manager currently based out of Dallas, Texas. Bass runs CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and uses this operation to manipulate stock values. He’ll have his special interest group set their sights on a pharmaceutical and through some backhanded legal means force that pharmaceutical to decimate their prices. When this drop hits Wall Street, Bass is sure to short-sell his holdings with the pharmaceutical company in question. This makes him millions in a way that essentially defrauds the sick from future developments of a kind companies with resources enough to make such discoveries happen can facilitate. It’s a drop in the Bucket on Bass, however. He hit the market betting against the house of cards that was America’s sub-prime lending market, and made a financial killing. The thing is, he may have been partially responsible for initiating the collapse.

Bass worked with Bear-Stearns until he no longer did. Sometime after he was released from the organization, Bass told a journalist with CSPAN that Goldman-Sachs had refused a routine transaction from them. The journalist asked a probing question on the air, even as Goldman-Sachs reversed its decision at virtually the same time. It was too late, however; the damage was done. The financial community of Wall Street lost confidence in Bear-Stearns, and by the end of the week, J.P. Morgan Chase had absorbed the bank.

The contested transaction was a routine novation. Novations are kind of like the transitive property in mathematics. If A equals B, and B equals C, then A equals C. You’ve got to pay Steve, Jenny has to pay you. Let Jenny pay Steve and save some time. That’s the basic principle behind a novation, and in banking this will apply to things like mortgage-backed securities and cash. This mortgage-backed security is worth this much money, so you can exchange the two. There were no problems with any of the big banks, trust wise; they were all built on novations contrived from sub-par loans not worth what they were traded for. So when Bass pulled the table-cloth out from under the cards that March, they had finished falling by the end of the year.

Bass is hand-in-glove with socialist despot of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It would be more surprising if what he did were not informed by a socialistic financial assassination putsch.  The full scoop can be found at the following link:

Slyce and Shoe Carnival: The Deal of the Year?

Recently, visual product search platform giant Slyce struck the opportunity of a lifetime when they partnered with Shoe Carnival on March 22 of this year. The partnership was first reported on The deal will see Slyce launch a visual search technology project that will allow visitors to to snap a picture or several photos of any footwear, whether it is in our world or other sources like webpages or magazines, and with little to no time get any and all matching products that either directly related or closely related.

The Vice President of eCommerce at Shoe Carnival, Kent Zimmerman, was very enthusiastic about the recently new partnership stating that Shoe Carnival is “very excited to be launching mobile visual search functionality with Slyce.” He then went on to state that partnering with Slyce help Shoe Carnival “stay ahead of the innovation curve” and offer their customers with “the most convenient shopping experience possible.” In a response to Zimmerman’s excitement, Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein stated that “this deployment by Slyce with Shoe Carnival represents another impressive milestone for our company.” He then went on to say that this newly struck deal “offers an exceptionally easy and intuitive experience for users.”

Slyce is a technology company that delivers sophisticated image recognition technologies to the world. They are focused on allowing a strong sales channel for major retailers and their respectable customers around the globe. By snapping photos of desired products using only mobile devices, Slyce allows its large customer base to interact with retailers. Once the customer snaps a photo of their desired product, Slyce then allows them to use their amazing visual search service to instantly find similar products from across the world-wide web.

Slyce is based in Toronto Ontario, Canada and was started in early 2013. Their founders are Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot. Slyce was launched at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company works with 6 of the largest 20 retailers in the United States. Slyce provides several different services including the Snap-to-Buy product recognition platform. When it comes to the shopping world, Slyce leads the pack and is often referred to as “The Shazam for shopping” by those who uses the company’s near perfect Shop-to-Buy application. Slyce has also developed visual search recognition technology – one being Relevancy Engine, which compares the attributes of a product and delivers products that are similar.

Chief of iFunding William Skelley included in ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders’

William Skelley who is the CEO of iFunding has been granted membership of the ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.’ The first yearly dinner for this exclusive group is set to be held on January 27, 2016 at the Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York City. Michael Stoler is the brains behind formation of this group. He is the Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital and also hosts the weekly television series “The Stoler Report: New York’s Business Report,” which deals with real estate business. The group also consists of the elites from leading real estate firms like Cushner Companies, CIT, Carlyle Group and Bank of America.

From his official blog, Skelley points out that iFunding is a real estate crowdfunding platform that has revolutionized real estate investing. It enables investors to make debt or preferred equity investments in opportunities that previously would not be easily accessed. It is completely free to create an account with iFunding so you can invest in real estate. The prices are much lower than other real estate investments as you can start your investment with $5,000. An iFunding app has been developed so you won’t have trouble investing and monitoring your investment. For each of the opportunities that you will seek, the approximate length of investment, location and profile of company involved is given. makes it clear the crowdfunding platform also provides webinars professionals at iFunding answer questions from investors and offer insights on opportunities. When you have identified your investment opportunity you will be able to sign the legal documents and make payments for it online. You can monitor the performance of your investment at the online dashboard. You will also receive email notifications on the same. The crowdfunding platform operates on a global basis as explained by its founder William. Investors are advised to get real, estate deals in various geographical regions as a way to reduce risk and meet their financial goals.

As he made clear in an interview Mr. Skelley acted as a principal at Rose Park Advisors prior to the establishment of iFunding in 2012. He was an executive intern to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital in his early years as a professional. He also worked at Olympus, and General Electric. He has been involved in giving advice to clients on transactions of more than $2 billion .William’s specialty is fundraising from accredited investors and family offices. He usually speaks at industry events and at conferences in institutions on the topics of real estate and crowdfunding. William lives in New York and also Boston with his family and is bilingual (English and Spanish).