Jason Hope Releases New Amazon eBook

Jason Hope is one of America’s great innovators, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a visionary thinker. He is from Tempe, Arizona where he graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA and degree in finance and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Mr. Hope is the CEO of JAWA having attained this position since 2005.

Jason Hope is also a financial supporter of the SENS Research Foundation, a California foundation which conducts research to cure diseases that lessens the aging process by repairing damages to cells. SENS research focuses on the prevention of heart, lung, and Alzheimer diseases. Jason Hope and SENS collaborate to redefine the industries that can get research products to market quicker, like biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

As a futurist, Jason Hope supports a theory called the “Internet of Things” (IoT). IoT refers to devices we use everyday enjoined through the Internet to transmit and store data. Jason has released a new e-book on Amazon entitled “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era.”

Jason explains in his book that the internet of things is helping to solve problems and increases efficiency across every industry in the world. His e-book is a learning guide too introduce people to the internet of things to help demystify this concept and to learn how to live with its exponential growth. Mr. Hope points out in his e-book that the internet of things will control over 26 million devices by 2020.

In other words, anything that requires an on and off switch would potentially be controlled through the internet of things principle. Mr. Hope explains that he sees an endless possibility in connecting people and devices through the internet of things. His e-book can be purchased and downloaded through the online Amazon e-book web site.

Jason Hope is passionate about his local communities and he supports many local organizations. He is known nationally as an effective business consultant who mentors and funds businesses, high school, and college students to help them bring their ideas quickly into the marketplace. He also supports non-profit charity organizations and programs for healthcare, education, orphans, medical/science research, and youth programs.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

End Citizens United Standing Up Against the Misuse of Election Campaign Finance Rules

The world of politics is not straightforward as it should be, especially today when the involvement of money is beyond comprehensible. People are spending way more money on elections today, and the corporation and wealthy people in business almost rig the polls with financial power. It has shaken the integrity of the independence that the politicians or the elections used to have at one point in time. In the United States, democracy is given a lot of importance due to its constitution, but it seems now that the voice of everyday people is not heard anymore.

In 2010, Supreme Court decided in a case that corporations can fund elections without any restrictions or cap on the number of money individuals or organizations can spend. It has led to large-scale funding during the elections, which has potentially made it impossible for honest candidates without enormous wealth to get into the limelight or win the confidence of the people. The political candidates who are backed by affluent businessmen and corporations have glittery election campaigns that eventually win the elections. So, in a way, one can say that the elections and its results are being manipulated with the involvement of unlimited amount of money flowing into the elections.

However, in 2015, Tiffany Mueller launched Political Action Committee by the name of End Citizens United. It aimed to overturn the verdict given by Supreme Court in 2010 so that the campaign finance rules can be appropriately structured for the benefit of the country and its people. End Citizens United wants to make sure that the fund it collects from the grassroots donors would be used to help the political candidates who are in support of the election campaign finance reforms. Recently, Tiffany Mueller released the list that showcased the list of political candidates that End Citizens United would be targeting in 2018, which included Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter, Mimi Walters and Dana Rohrabacher. These are the Republican Candidates whose track record is questionable as per Tiffany Mueller, and who are against the campaign finance reforms.

Tiffany Mueller is confident that sooner than later the aim of End Citizens United would be achieved as it creates a mass movement against the verdict of the Supreme Court. End Citizens United would stand against the political candidates who want to allow continuing the campaign finance rules as they are. In 2016, End Citizens United spent nearly $25.5 million on elections to oust the political leaders who are under the existing campaign finance regulations. Tiffany Mueller says that it plans to spread the awareness about how our elections are financed to every nook and corner of the country so that more people join their protest and make it a success eventually. It would reinstate the faith in our government and elections.

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Is Aloha Construction An Unsung hero?

In society, many of the most important figures doesn’t really receive the credit that’s long overdue. This is one of the downsides to mankind and this article is directed to promote one of the best unsung general-contractors in society as of today. Aloha Construction is the very definition of home-renovation success. This family-owned company has a long list of happy customers, has a remarkable resume, and it has helped to redefine home-restorative services of the 21st century. Just with this small amount of information alone, the company stands out amongst its competition.

Aloha Construction will give homeowners many more benefits than the average general-contractor. Why? The answer is very simple because its team of professionals will travel for longer distances to complete the work. Unlike other similar contractors, this contractor will provide work outside of its general-coverage area. Its official website is loaded with a ton of information, tips and tricks. This information can help you, the homeowner, with completing smaller repair services. One of the best ways to give your home an updated appearance is by installing some form of siding. Aloha Construction specializes in a wide variety of siding that includes vinyl, cedar, hardee board, brick and fiber cement. The options are endless, but it’s rather nice to have the ability of choosing from a wider selection. The company is also bonded and insured. This definitely assures the homeowner with a clearer peace of mind.

With success comes challenges and this family-owned company has had its fair share of it. Since it’s so successful, the company has had to expand its range. As of today, Aloha Construction has a second office in Bloomington, Illinois. The entire state can surely receive top-of-the-line work. All in all, (AC) is setting new trends, is raising the bar higher and is changing the status quo for the better.

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Equities First Holdings Has Offices In THe UK For Potential Clients

Anyone who comes to Equities First in the UK will come to an office that will help them make sure that they have made the right choices for their future. There are many loans that people can request through this company, and they can sit in the office and learn what their options are. It is so much easier to get a loan in the UK through this company because they have live offices to help people. The offices will have trained staff that know how to help people with their loan needs, and they will do all the lending as fast as they can.

The best thing that a company or person can do is to come into this office and ask the company how they can provide them with a loan. The company will help them fund everything fast, and they will save these people a lot of time.

Market America: Leader Of Retail

As more and more consumers shift their focus on buying online via their smartphone and device, retailers are looking into exactly how to tap into the new online market. There are million s of retailers out there that sell everyday items. For your business, you need to be able to gain the best products and also market your business to the new internet marketplace. But this can be hard and confusing, as there are thousands of companies online that can help you gain that internet presence that you want for your business. If you are not marketing on the internet and not doing the best products to sell, you will surely be losing profit over time as more and more consumers shift to buying online. One great company that can do both for you is Market America. This company is a great company that provides both products to sell and internet marketing.

Market America fully understads how important the internet and social media is becoming to business around the world. They have a team of experts that know exactly how to make sure that your business is leveraging the power of the internet to gain new profits and new customers. Another great thing is that they supply products for other companies to sell, sort of brokerage of products. This is great and needed because if you are selling online, you need a streamlined of products that you can sure that you can be sure of that those products are quality and for a good price. With Market Amercia, you are gaining a company that specializes both in products internet marketing. this is key because, in today’s market, you need both to make your business thrive. Market America has been around for years, so they understand what your business needs to thrive in today’s market.

With your business, you need the best to make sure that you have great products to sell and that you have the power of the internet to market those products. With Market America, you gain both. Use Market America today to make more profit and make your business thrive.

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George Soros: His Funds, His Philosophies and His Donation

His name is George Soros and he is one of the wealthiest men in the world. In October of 2017 he has given $18 billion dollars of his wealth to fund his organizations Open Society Foundation (OSF). This donation to an organization is the world’s second largest behind Bill Gates. Soros’s massive wealth has helped to finance OSF well into the future. Let’s take closer look at George Soros, OSF and his philanthropic work for this organization.

First, we’ll discuss George Soros. He is a man who has lived for the greater part of the 20th century. He was born in 1930 and lived a very remarkable life. George Soros was originally born in Budapest, Hungary. He was born into a stable family and his father was a well-to-do lawyer. By the time Soros turned 13, the Nazis had taken over Hungary.

This was a very crucial moment in the life Soros because the experiences that he gained during this period impacted his life forever. Soros’s family were Jewish people. At one point during the Nazi occupation, Soros had to pass out deportation notices to his fellow Jewish people.

His father quickly had him removed from this job. However, Soros’s family had to live as Christians to avoid Nazi persecution. Soros had many other adventures and real-life scares during that time. He even survived the siege of Budapest which was a fierce conflict between the Russians and Germans over the fate of Hungary.

Eventually Soros’s father got them to safety and the war was over. World War II ended in 1945 and Soros went on living life. This time around his family had relocated to London, England. Soros eventually went on to complete high school and then he went to college. While in college, he discovered a political theory under a great 20th century philosopher known as Karl Popper. Popper had introduced a political theory known as open societies. This theory resonated with Soros’s soul.

Soros adopted this political ideology and it would influence his decisions toward politics for the rest of his life. Soros is an investor by trade. That was his major when he went to school. He spent nearly 50 years of his life perfecting his knowledge and experience in this field. He was very successful in his line of work. He netted over one billion dollars in the 90s and by the 2000s he started to remove himself away from business and focused more into politics.

The Open Society Foundations is designed to help liberal political and social organizations to stay afloat. OSF provides funding to these organizations as long as they endorse and support the tenants of an open society. Many conservative organizations, groups and individuals believe that Soros’s “demonized” his philanthropic organization by making such a huge donation. In other words, they feel like he should not have been allowed to give so much money to the left or their cause. As of 2017, George Soros is 87 years old. This man knows that the supporters of liberalism need money to keep societies open and free.

Lori Senecal: Smooth Transition Plans

A part of retirement most people don’t think about is the aftermath. Everyone plans for their days after retirement, but what about the company? It’s hard for any company to fill the shoes of a brilliant worker. That’s the problem facing CP+B now that Lori Senecal’s announced her retirement.

Senecal’s had an amazing impact on CP+B and its founder Chuck Porter. She’s been a part of the company since 2015, and in that little time, she’s made countless changes for the better. She grew CP+B into an international ad agency. She landed numerous big-name accounts that CP+B never thought they’d land.

One of the biggest accounts she landed was American Airlines. They’re not the most financially big clients, but the fact she landed that account is what’s big. For over two decades, American Airlines only trusted TM Advertising when it came to ads. Somehow, Lori Senecal managed to snag that account away from TM.

Aside from landing numerous big-name clients, Senecal’s career is filled with all sorts of recognitions and awards. She’s won some of the highest honors in the advertising and corporate worlds. She’s been honored numerous times for her excellence in leadership and focus.

It’s going to be tough leaving all of that behind her. She’s worked so hard to build several companies into international successes. Her efforts were so impressive that all those companies continue to use her strategies. She leaves behind a legacy everywhere she works. Now, she plans on leaving a legacy behind at CP+B. For more details visit Bloomberg.

She’s working closely with Porter to develop the next generation of leadership. They realize how difficult and different things will be after she’s gone, but they’re planning for a smooth transition. Every decision is being carefully thought out. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

The transition’s already begun. So far, Danielle Aldrich’s been promoted to President of CP+B West, which includes two CP+B offices. She already served as a managing director of one of the offices.

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Why OVME Is Called By That Name

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME. It is currently really the only nationwide brand of its kind. What it does is offer Botox injections via house calls. It is like Uber in that you can log into their app and get a freelance practitioner to come to your home and give you a Botox injection. Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he can grow the business to around twenty-five million dollars over the next five years. He originally wanted to call it Face Medical but was unable to trademark that term. He called it OVME, which sounds like of me, meaning that the focus of his business is about the user and their experience.

Dr. Mark McKenna had a robust medical education. He was also an experienced entrepreneur and businessman. However, he realized that he wanted to brush up his formal education in business, so he decided to get an 18 month MBA in entrepreneurship after selling his previous business, Shape Med. He did this in 2014, and it prepared him for launching OVME.

Dr. McKenna said that being an entrepreneur is in his DNA. He says that his parents were great role models for this. His father is a surgeon, and his mother owns a publishing company. He never worked for anyone else, and he can not imagine doing so. He believes that some people are born with entrepreneurship in their DNA, although environmental factors certainly do play a role.

Before Hurricane Katrina struck, Dr. Mark McKenna owned a flourishing real estate business. In fact, he had several businesses in the real estate market doing different things. He had a mortgage company and a small title firm. He employed over fifty people.

Hurricane Katrina devastated properties. His cash flow trickled to nothing. His employees became scattered across the US. He was underinsured. However, he learned a huge lesson as an entrepreneur.

He eventually moved to Atlanta with his girlfriend. He started Shape Med with the money he had left over from his New Orleans real estate business.

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Rick Smith Introduces Sophisticated Technology at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is the CEO and president of Securus Technology, a prison technology company. The organization provides various products that are necessary to protect the society. It mainly specializes in criminal justice and civil protection. Securus was established with the aim of offering public service and has been awarded contracts by more than 2,450 law enforcement and correctional facilities that house over one million inmates in North America. Under Rick Smith’s leadership, the company is responsible for crime prevention both in the free world and in the involved prison cells. He has been working with Securus Technology since 2008. Before joining Securus, Rick was an employee of different organizations including Eschelon Telecom Inc. At Eschelon, he held various positions, whereby, in 1998 to 2000 he acted as the chief financial officer and as the chief operating officer from 1999 to 2003. Later on, he was promoted to the president of the Eschelon Company. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Throughout his career, Rick has gained over 20 years of experience having worked in different positions of leadership. Among these areas include the chief operating officer, vice president of Frontier Operations, and president of Securus and Eschelon Companies. Rick acquired his skills from Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. Apart from that, Rick is an MBA holder from the same University. He is also a master’s degree holder from the State University of New York based in Brockport. At the State University, Rick specialized in mathematics and later on acquired his professional degree in electrical engineering. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

Rick Smith is committed to helping Securus Technologies in providing technology that is capable of improving prison performance. Under his leadership, inmates are equipped with the latest technology that enables them to keep in touch with the outside world’s advancement. This technique can easily be manipulated, and therefore, Rick goes further to employ security measures that prevent any form of misuse or manipulation. As a result, inmates can make video and voice calls without any interference. Securus Technologies also provides additional email communicational features. In recent news, Smith was reported to have received positive feedback on the emailing services offered by the company. He further stated that the telecommunication enterprise plans to keep providing adequate services to help keep inmates and their families safe for years to come. He also added that the company works on retaining its honor of being socially responsible.

As a telecommunications expert, Smith has worked closely with the staff of Securus Technologies to develop state-of-the-art products that can solve most of the challenges that correctional facilities face. The company has invented a couple of new technologies that are patented. It has been ranked among North America’s leading providers of technology-based solutions to law enforcement institutions.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-adds-sales-executive-to-leadership-team-300201202.html

The Investment Success of SahmAdrangi

He is a well known man in the investment sector. The man is also a household name in the shorting and exposure of fraudulent companies in the global markets. This man is no other than the featured New York Times personality Sahm Adrangi. He is the founder and the investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

He founded his company in the year 2009 and has achieved a lot since then. The counter was launched managing only $1 million and is now managing up to $ 150 million as of the year 2017 in July. The company has since then grown and has become a major investment company in the global markets.

The company under the leadership of Adrangi has not only achieved major milestones but has also made itself one of the most trusted investment companies both locally and globally. One of the major achievements of Adrangi is exposing of major Chinese companies of fraudulence.

Some of the companies in China that have been exposed are as follows: China Marine Food Group, China Biotics and Lihua International. This made Sam a name in the international market. This became his major breakthrough in the capital investment market. It is therefore very clear that, not only has Sam made himself one of the most powerful people in the capital investment industry and has played a major role in the activism of several investments worldwide.

Courage and Conviction Investing

Investing is one of the things that take a lot of courage and conviction. It takes one to be very careful and pre-plan so as to make the best out of emerging investment opportunities. It therefore takes careful planning and research before taking on an investment. One man is well known for his activist role in several investments.

Adrangi is a senior chief investment officer. He has played a great role in the development and growth of major companies in china and other European companies. He has done research in major sectors of the economy including technological industries and the biotechnology. Such people make it easier for it easier for entities and companies to make good investment decisions and to do research concerning the investment aspired.