David McDonald Continues To Serve OSI Group With Dedication And Passion

David McDonald grew up on a farm in Iowa and attended Iowa State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in animal science. Soon after his graduation, he went to work with OSI Group and also became the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. When he first got to work with OSI, he served as the company’s project manager but soon worked his way up until he became its president and chief operating officer.

Today, David McDonald has been working with OSI Group for more than 30 years, and he has been a large part of its growth all of this time. OSI is a global company, and part of what McDonald does revolves around coordinating and keeping up with logistics team. OSI has found a lot of success through working closely with locals and local marketing teams. The company pays close attention to the needs of its customers and works hard to fulfill them. Nobody is more tapped into these needs than David McDonald.

OSI Group recently purchased Baho Food, which is a Dutch company that focuses on offering its customers deli meats and other processed foods. The acquisition will help McDonald’s company to gain traction in Europe. McDonald was available for comment during the acquisition, and he revealed that Baho Food will help OSI to have a broader presence in Europe. He also spoke about the many different products that Baho Food offers and was positive about how these will help to add to what OSI already offers in the region.

David McDonald admits that OSI has grown tremendously since he first started working with the global food giant. He attributes a lot of the company’s growth to its many successful partnerships and other connections. McDonald believes that OSI is able to stay open and flexible due to it being a private company. He has been happy to be a part of building long-lasting, stable relationships with other companies and believes in OSI’s mission of expansion. David McDonald has admitted that his success comes from the culture of OSI, which works to better understand the culture of the locations it operates in. This very real interest in the people the company serves has not only improved OSI but has been very eye opening fro McDonald. He knows that the overall success of OSI isn’t some abstract notion but that it is actually connected to the success of each of its smaller moving parts.

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A Look at Wes Edens, the Billionaire behind the Leadership of Brightline, Fortress Investment Group and Recently, Aston Villa Football Club Owner

Wes Edens is one of the three co-founders of Fortress Investment Group, the company he also co-manages. He has accomplished a lot in the finance industry and now, he is changing his investment strategies. He has developed an interest in sports and he has become an envied professional sports owner. Together with Marc Lasry, he acquired Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million, a NBA’s basketball team. Additionally, he purchased FlyQuest, a team which participates in the North American League of Legends Championship Series. His investment strategies are not only diverse, but also complex. Working in the Private Equity division of Fortress Investment Group, he is always ready to take on any complicated scenario to get substantial returns from instruments which are disfavored by capital markets or distressed. In that line of thought, he has bought significant amount of shares in the English Premier League upcoming team, Aston Villa Football club.

In this venture, he partnered with Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire. It is reported that the duo will own 55% of the team through NSWE. The English League has approved the transaction that is reported to cost about $39 million. Wes Edens is not new in the sports world but it is his first venture in the football sector. Apart from the world of sports, Wes Edens has also ventured into the transport sector. Through Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens came up with the idea of starting a train service between Miami and Lauderdale. Brightline, owned by Wes Edens and Fortress, has launched train services that will help commuters get around South Florida easily. The commuters are embracing the means of transport in a positive way and now, Miami is just 30 minutes away from Lauderdale. The Brightline boss plans to extend Brightline’s services to other cities such as Houston and Dallas.

Additionally, West Edens, Fortress Investment Group at large, plans to start a big rail station at Miami which will serve 6 city blocks. His success can be largely attributed to his education background and a vast experience. He graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in finance. He was the head of BlackRock Asset Investor. In addition, Lehman Brothers was among the companies that he was exposed to and it contributed to his career development as he served as a senior executive member. Founding of Fortress Investment Group in 1998 was a major breakthrough by Edens and his partners. They have built the company and now, it manages over $40 billion worth of assets. Although, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank, Edens and his partners will continue to head the company.

What we need to know about Betsy Devos

Most people don’t realize how polarizing education reform has been in America since it was announced in the 1980s that the country had a failing schools problem. It seemed that no one had the ability to fix it either. While some preached homework, standardized testing, Common Core Math, and other philosophies, there has been no evidence that any of these have actually worked to improve the minds of America’s youth.


Betsy Devos came into office of the US Education Secretary in a timultuous time. While many believe that she is unfit because she has never been a teacher, many have also pointed out that she has tremendous experience in education reform and business, and she has worked with several educators and schools in the past.


In fact, she has donated a lot through the Devos Family Foundation, helping out schools and providing scholarships to children in need. Devos says that philanthropy has been the biggest supporter in the fight to help students in the US get a better education.


In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” Devos talked to Leslie Stahl about the new programs and what she thinks is the most successful program. She belives that it will take a few more years to actually see full programs. After all, it’s been more than 20 years since standardized testing was introduced, and it hasn’t been able to improve much either.


Students and teachers are polarized on this topic. While many public school administrators don’t think that it’s fair that the focus should be on voice rather than funding, it’s been good to see that students are excited to go back to school, and they are getting to pick their own programs.


For example, in Florida, students are able to pick an educational choice program, which includes a magnet program, virtual school, homeschooling, private school, or charter school. Devos has always been a supporter of private school education. In fact, she has founded her own charter school in Michigan called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Many don’t realize that Devos has other challenges as well. She has been put in charge of America’s school safety reform by President Trump. Students returned to school this fall with a whole new procedure and security guidelines.


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How You Could Turn Investments In Natural Resources Into Wealth With Freedom Checks

While gas prices climbing up at the pumps may be discouraging for your wallet, the moves being made to become more energy independent and boost oil and natural gas production have investors excited about a new investment known as freedom checks. These investments can have some very good payouts if you play your cards right and buy the right ones. They actually look like and can be traded like normal company stocks that send checks of dividends you earn in the mail, but they have even better benefits. Visit kennedyaccounts.com to know more about Freedom Checks.

Freedom checks are explained by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill who started buying them and what he found out was that they are paid by master limited partnership companies who pay out 90℅ of their income. These MLP companies are in many natural resource areas and are said to be on the verge of turning in billions of dollars in revenue that can be paid out in freedom checks. While some of these investments will turn out just a little more than the average amount that stocks do, there are some that when they mature could make gains as high as 39,000℅ according to Badiali. Buy one of the best parts is the loophole they have in the tax code. Read more: http://www.agoranews.com/posts/pTQvXd7aMYrovWx7Y/matt-badiali-s-freedom-checks-exposed

Unlike most other stocks and mutual funds, freedom checks are payments based off of a company’s return on capital and therefore aren’t subject to the regulations most other companies are. Because of that, as long as you own a freedom check and are receiving returns on it, those dividends will not be taxed period. You are only taxed with the capital gains tax if you decide to sell a freedom check for a profit, but even then you only pay the lower rate. How do you find these freedom checks? They can be found on just about any regular stock trading platform, and Banyan Hill has more information on which companies to look for at www.banyanhill.com.

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Robert Ivy Is A High Achieving Architect

Robert Ivy is currently working at the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer and he is one of the most respected leaders to have ever worked there today. Many of his colleagues have spoken about his incredible dedication and presence in the work environment, including the president of the company.

The American Institute of Architects is home to some of the best designers around the world and they have nearly 2000 members at the organization today. Robert Ivy’s award has brought nothing but good things to the AIA as well, bringing the institute more awareness globally.

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Robert Ivy has maintained a positive stance as CEO and continues to drive new growth and expansion for the AIA every year he directs the company. He has a particular vision that he is trying to achieve when it comes to architecture and designing. The AIA follows a strict set of standards that are among the highest anywhere in the architecture world, which is why so many great architects and designers gather here. Membership is still on the rise at the organization, allowing all manner of designers, artists, and of course architects into the programs. Robert has many more years left before his vision is yet complete for AIA.

There has never been another architect that has won the Noel Polk Lifetime award like Robert Ivy, making him truly unique in his category. MIAL, the institute that issues the Noel Polk Award commended him for his incredible contributions and architectural designs that have impacted communities far and wide. Robert Ivy is considered a veteran in the industry today, with more than twenty years under his belt working in architecture as well as publishing. Another noteworthy accomplishment for Robert Ivy is his master architect title, held by only seven people since it was first created more than 100 years ago.

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Mind-Boggling Investment Ideas Ted Bauman Gives Investors

People who do what they like are different from those who like whatever they do. It is one thing to have the right skills in a particular career, and it’s another thing to be passionate about it. If it were not for immeasurable passion Ted Bauman has in business and entrepreneurial matters, he wouldn’t have made such a big name in the business world. From the time he graduated from Cape Town University, he has been a prolific writer on investment topics. The history and economics he did in this university have helped him lot in analyzing business matters and making rational investment decisions. He says great investors are known based on their ability to make rational investment decisions.

Before Ted became an editor and writer at Banyan Hill, he was at Smart Money Art where he was an editor. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted was a Senior Editor. He also worked at a Georgia-based organization called Habitat for Humanity International as a Director. Most of what Ted has done for others is published in South African Press, Cape Times, Guardia, New Internationalist, and Journal of Microfinance among other journals. For those who have always liked the content in “Where to Stash Your Cash,” it’s important to know he is its co-author. Alpha Stock Alert is one of the reputable press newsletters firms where Ted Bauman serves as the Director.

Banyan Hill admits that Ted has brought great contributions to the company since he joined it in 2013. Most of the content he publishes revolves around low-risk investment, asset protection, and privacy. He also uses The Sovereign Investor Daily to make helpful weekly publishes. Ted Bauman grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland although Washington remains his place of birth. His strong appetite for education took him to South Africa where he joined a reputable college for his studies. Some of the international organizations in South Africa gave him an opportunity to hone his career skills.

From 2008 to 2013, Ted Bauman worked for an esteemed NGO before he made his way to Banyan Hill. Nothing comes easy in this world. These are sentiments Ted can affirm since he has traveled to over 75 countries seeking investment knowledge his readers benefit from today. This became a sturdy foundation for the colossal knowledge and experience he had gained in business affairs. Ted never tires to let his subscribers understand why they should diversify the income sources they have. He says money-making opportunities mainly come to people who worry less about things. He believes investing in stocks, business, bonds, property, and gold is a great way to make your income source constant.

Sheldon Lavin: Embracing sustainability in food production

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group. It is under his leadership that this company has become the biggest food producer in the world. His commitment to sustainable food production has helped the company to set the bar for food production so high that other companies cannot manage to get to such heights. Mr. Lavin has always wanted to build a company that applies cutting-edge technology.

OSI has a long history that goes back to 1909 when it started as a butcher shop in Chicago. It then became a family owned business and was named Otto & Sons. In the 1950s it became one of the main suppliers to the McDonald’s. Mr. Lavin joined in the mid-1970s, and since then, the pace of growth in the company gained momentum. The spectacular growth we see today in this company has the fingerprints of Sheldon’s efforts.

Sheldon Lavin is now in his twilight years in leadership of this company, but he wants to finish strong. He wants to create an impact that will last many years after he is gone. He has set sustainability as one of the modifications he would like to make to the company in his last days. OSI is now embracing new technologies that increase efficiency and decrease environmental pollution. These efforts have already been seen in some of the recently developed food pants. A good example is Toledo, Spain where the foodplant is using 20 percent less energy after the installation of an energy efficient system.


The contributions of Sheldon Lavin have not gone unnoticed. The World Vision India group recognized him in 2017 for accomplishing the dreams of the food company. They awarded him the Global Visionary Award for turning his dreams into reality.

OSI Group has also received recognition in the form of awards from different bodies. Some of the awards include the Globe Honour from the British Safety Council, California green Business Award and the Environmental Award from North American Meat Institute.

Sheldon Lavin has spent the last four decades managing this company, and much of the growth since 1975 has been a result of his work.

Jason Hope Uses His Experience to Give Back

The ideas Jason Hope weren’t just about making money and trying to push to make things better for other people. They were all things that would allow him to focus on the future and give him the chance he needed to continue helping other people with all the issues that came up in his life. As long as Jason Hope knew what people wanted to do and knew there were things that would continue getting better for him, he could make sure he was showing other people there were positive opportunities for the future. Jason liked to make good decisions and he didn’t often worry about what would happen with technology. He knew it was going to a great new place and that’s how he pushed to make sure he could help people with other options. There were other opportunities he could come up with that would allow him to see different things. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

As long as Jason Hope knew people wanted to use his technological advances, he could continue helping them with these opportunities. He also felt there were chances that he could make things better for all the people he worked with. Based on the experience he had as a professional in the technology industry, he felt confident he could make things better for people who were aging. He also felt the things he was doing were better than what most people saw with technology. Jason continued pushing to help make aging easier for everyone dealing with it.

Now that he’s successful with the goals he has and the things he’s doing, Jason Hope believes he can create an environment of positivity for everyone in different situations. He wants to make aging easier on people and believes it’s his goal in life to show others what they can get out of different situations. Thanks to Jason Hope, more people have a chance to feel good about themselves. He also uses technology to provide people with opportunities they wouldn’t have without it. No matter how he does things, it’s always important for him to make the most out of everything in technology.

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Upwork’s Advice For Completing Your To Do Lists

Upwork was launched about ten years ago. It was started by a team of people that worked out of Silicon Valley that were close friends wanting to start a web project. So, they got together and started Upwork. They wanted to create a technology platform that would enable freelancers to get hired to complete projects posted by others.

Upwork has grown into a top website for freelancers all over the world. The site has become one of the most popular places for freelancing with over three thousand skills. The site has allowed freelancers to earn over one billion dollars in revenue.

Upwork has complied some quick tips on ways people can finally check off everything on their to do list. The first tip Upwork gives to us is to capture everything. It can get hard at times to juggle everything and remember everything that needs to be done. But it is vital to make sure you put everything down on your to do list. That way you will surely know what needs to be complete.

Second, Upwork points out how you need to keep everything in one single place. We are all guilty of making multiple lists and keeping them in multiple places. This can be very challenging when trying to complete everything when lists are scattered. So collect your mini lists and combine them into one giant list.

Third, focus on the priorities. Yes, lists are long and have so much on them. But please remember to keep your focus on the number one things that matter. This will cause for you to finally focus on what needs to be done first. Do the most important first, then work on what is second most important and lastly finish up with whatever is left.

Fourth, Upwork knows that a to do list can get stressful. But they remind all of us to just work on getting that to do list complete and to not get overwhelmed. It’s all about staying calm. By not getting stressed out and finally tackling your list you will result in a finished to do list.

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How to Earn Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is an idea or term coined by one Mr. Matt Badiali and based on real investment strategies that are minting good cash for the serious investors. Badiali is technically promoting his Real Wealth Strategist advisory newsletter publications and came up with this new term to explain the goal of his product, giving investment tips to investors. An investor is required to put in money then get a specified return on it periodically, monthly or quarterly, usually through Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Companies in the MLPs are publicly-traded limited partnerships that are concentrated in the gas and energy sectors. The companies have a caveat, they have to generate at least 90% of their revenues from the gas and energy sector either through, transportation, storage, processing, production or any other service provision activities that occur within this sector.

MLPs companies enjoy favorable tax rates meaning they give out much of their earnings, 90% of their revenues through dividend payouts, hence the Freedom Checks term comes in. an investor typically gets financial freedom from such companies as compared to others in non-gas and energy sectors that have higher tax rates. Most of the profits earned here end up in investors’ pockets, a return of between 5 to 9 percent range, rather than to the taxman, as they operate tax-free.

568 companies form the MLPs but only about five of them control resources worth over a billion dollars and guarantees good returns.

Freedom checks can be earned by anyone no matter their age, their current worth or salary they take home, so long as they position themselves to receive their checks by buying into the MLPs. The expected returns depend on the amount invested.

Less oil is being imported into the United States, hence the MLPs are expecting more revenues in the coming years, meaning the freedom checks will increase due to increased profits now and in the coming years. The checks are sent via mail or deposited with your investment broker. An investor does not have to pay taxes on the checks received, he/she is also free to sell his/her shares and be charged a lesser capital gains tax.

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