The Financial Leadership of Kevin Seawright

Fresh off an interview with EPodcastNetwork and packed with years of experience in financial expertise, Kevin Seawright has joined the Enterprise Radio team as its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. For over 13 years, Seawright has proven himself a financial leader with a strategic vision and the ability to achieve that vision. These years were spent helping business along the east coast, primarily working for contractors and sub-contractors. During these years, he was responsible for the care and utilization of over $400 million for specific company management reasons and many more for construction management jobs.

He became known as a financial leader who always produced great results. His excellent financial leadership naturally profoundly helped businesses as a whole, improving employee retention and morale, encouraging growth, and enhancing company operational resources. His leadership style is a combination of business savvy, employee service, and equal concentration of government and private sectors. To the end of all of these matters, Seawright’s primary attention has been toward setting up maximum efficient financial departments such as payables, receivables, collections, and payroll.

Seawright has also sought further education in leadership. He just completed Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program. He was extremely impressed with the program and encourages other leaders to do likewise.

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  1. Brenda Zavier on

    All that is needed is direction in making the moves in our lives to get ahead with business development when all is going good. Where the uk best will have to be great to give advise to having the right people and resources. I think the possibility is great with Seawright so much the real challenge will be getting one thing done right everyday.

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