Men’s Shoes: The Classics Meet Urban Style This Season

Classic meets urban is the newest trend in men’s footwear. Shoes and boots have elements of classic style but with an edge. These aren’t your grandfather’s shoes and boots, even if they are familiar. From the runways of Milan to the streets of New York City, men are opting for leather shoes that look and feel great, are made from beautiful materials, and are crafted to appeal to the senses.

Oxfords, wing-tips, chukka boots, penny loafers and driving shoes are once again made into modern classics this season. Expect some unexpected twists, such as wing-tip boots, to make an appearance on the streets. High-topped sneakers are also back with a vengeance, but look for those made from higher-end materials, such as leather, and in darker colors than those in years past. Think about shoes that are subtle but beautifully made. Quality is definitely a trend this season, as many men are appreciating the art and craft of shoe-making more than ever before.

Boots are another trend that aren’t going away anytime soon. Chukkas, dessert boots, brogues, and Chelsea boots are found in all the fashionable hots spots. The choices are out there, from rugged to sleek and dressy, so choose boots according to what you like and how you will wear them. Look for handcrafted boots made from Italian leather if you want a pair that will remain a classic for years to come. Quality never goes out of style.

These shoes are handcrafted from the finest materials and hit all of the important trends for the season, and are still affordable for most budgets. Most choices come in a range of colors: cognac, oxblood, nero, and marrone. The choices conjure exotic locales, and the shoes are fashionable without being pretentious.

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