Businessman Marc Sparks: Igniting Passion in All Areas of Life

There are successful businessmen and businesswomen around the globe many times over, but there are only some who truly stand out because of their philosophy about life.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Marc Sparks is one of these shining stars for several reasons, and I can tell you why.

He might be best known to most as the head of his private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP, but he is much more than a founder and CEO. Sure, he has owned and operated a bunch of high-performing businesses, but he also understands life and how money factors into the general picture.

Marc Sparks is a family man and man of good faith; he is not afraid to express his spirituality and love of God. I have met many business people who do not mention faith or prayer, and I think that is unfortunate. Crediting a higher power than ourselves is key to one’s ultimate success in life.

In reading Marc Sparks’ about me page at his website,, I have learned what makes this entrepreneur tick. He’s fearless and not afraid of watching his gains disappear and has mentioned this feeling throughout his inspiring blog entries. He has said that as long as he has a roof over his family’s head and can afford the bills, then he is alright with life. In other words, big money is not the end all. It’s great to have successes, but most importantly, the basics like good health and happiness are what really matter.

Mr. Sparks has put his money where his mouth is, as the saying goes. A couple of his numerous charities include these– the Samaritan Inn and the Gateway which assists homeless people get back on their feet in Collin County, Texas.

Marx Sparks recently wrote a book called, “They Can’t Eat You.” I highly recommend the book; it is a great read packed with a lot of good information and business advice.

There is a very old, famous quote by John Quincy Adams, and it reminds me a lot of Marc Sparks:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”