Rover Is Flipora’s Revolutionized Name

Millions of users enjoy Flipora and the fact that it connects them with sites that interest them the most. However, while Flipora has done amazingly well, the company is changing the name during a rebranding and the app will be called Rover. This comes amongst a new round of funding received from Silicon Valley. With more money, Flipora will be able to expand and rebrand itself. Shaking off the old name won’t be easy, but they are hoping to encourage more people to see how important and useful content discovery can be. Businesses can also enjoy the fact that this new app design can drive traffic to their sites. This will give them the potential to increase their revenues.

This application is for those who tend to be technologically advanced in searching the web. It takes your preferences and scans the more than 15,000 topics and finds the best fit. Rather than searching hours on end for the right item on the internet, it searches for you and takes you right to the designated area of your choice. It compiles results with the most relevant items that you care the most about. You can also connect with other users who share the same interests at the touch of a button. You will be able to create a home page, connect on social media and do it all through one simple app.

A name change is not the only upgrade this app is receiving. The new interface will be simpler and allow you to quickly find your discovery searches in a matter of seconds. Share stories with other uses and do it with an easier to use platform. The company has integrated back-end content and it is there to maximize the user’s content selections.

So many have enjoyed using this app and seeing how it influences the various topics and how easily it can be shared with their friends and family across social media. Forget browsing through sites like Twitter or YouTube, everything you need can be found with the touch of a button on Rover. Thanks to the new and innovative differences at Rover, it is allowing them to expand and deliver a bigger and better application for all those who diligently need help surfing the web. They will continue to make updates and add special features. This will allow the user experience to be even better than before. The app was already great, but with this changes its taking it to a whole new level.

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  1. Lucy Joe on

    According to the users in most featured application, I think the work done here is really going to be the game changer. If it comes on right, this will not remove so much from what is collected so far. I wan to be able to see how so much will really help to find proper addressing for applications and their ratings.

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