Month: December 2015

Yeonmi Park’s Road To Freedom

Yeonmi Parks flee North Korea on March 31st, 2007. She was born on October 4th,1993 in Hyesan,Ryanggang Provience, North Korea. She has an interesting background. Her family was involved in politics, very well educated, and connected to high society. But when North Korea fell into economic despair, the family began trading on the black market. Unfortunately her father was arrested for transferring illegal goods, and was locked up, where he was forced to do hard work. It became a very difficult place to live, after her father’s arrest. They were treated differently, suffering many harsh treatment, and not having enough to eat. Parks thought about ending her life many times. They soon decided they had to leave North Korea. Her mother was with her when they made it across the Yalu river, which was frozen. When they arrived in China, they had no idea what was going to happen to them. Her mother and her was unfortunately became the victims of human traffickers. Being only thirteen, it was the worst experience that a child could endure. Their journey would take them from China, to the Mongolian border by way of the Gobi desert. Eventually taking a plane to South Korea. Parks father joined them a few months after they arrived, but he became ill, and died because of lack of medical care. If this story peeks your interest, visit: Although she is only twenty two years of age, she is a Human Right activist, speaking about human trafficking, working tirelessly with the North Korean women, helping them to stand up for their rights. Believing that changes can happen in the North, just as long as they continue to speak out on the in justice, that is taking place. She also was on the platform for global problems, in Dublin Ireland, at the One young World Summit, in 2014. Yeonmi Park chronicled her journey, and published a book on September 29th, 2015, entitled: “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

The High Flying Career of an Investment Guru

Brad has had a very successful career in investment and entrepreneurship. He has single handed played a crucial role in the establishment and running of several organizations across the US. He hails from a long line of investors from which he attributes his serial entrepreneurship skills.

On CrunchBase it’s pretty clear that his high-flying career started in early 1980’s where he spent and dedicated much of his early life sharpening his skill. He started Reifler Trading Corporation while at Bowdoin College. The firm traded in international derivatives. He managed to steer the business to profitability despite having little experience and learning to buy online. At Bowdoin, he graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

Through his firm, Reifler managed millions of dollars in institutional research, discretionary accounts, information and global derivatives advisory services. In the process, the company one of the largest and most successful corporate in its category. Brad cashed in on his business at the turn of the new century at an enormous profit to the Refco Inc. group owned by his grandfather.

Brad had made his name as a reputable professional in the financial services sector, and the reputation he built there has led to his following on Twitter now. Even without his first company, he was still highly sought after for his expertise. He focused his efforts on Pali Capital, a private equity firm he had established five years earlier. On Wikipedia it’s apparent that he enjoyed a thirteen-year stay at Pali Capital serving as the Chief Executive Officer and head of strategy. He used his insights and expertise as well as extensive research to earn the business over $1 billion in commission revenues.

Pali Capital grew by leaps and bounds during his tenure. It employed more than 300 professionals across its offices in four continents of Australia, Europe, America and Latin America. However, Brad realized Pali Capital had reached its summit and left to establish Forefront Capital LLC. This new firm allowed Brad to look into the future and cement his legacy. Forefront has been structured to have several subsidiaries each specializing in its unique area. They made it their mission to offer differentiated products from their competitors and have achieved phenomenal success.

Forefront Advisory and lately Forefront Income Trust are the principal subsidiaries identified with Forefront Group. Due to Brad’s influence and stature in the industry, he can attract the best professionals and experts to his company. The presence of top investment bankers. Leaders and advisors make his company’s brand and service exceptional. Brad has created a cohesive working unit that works to find solutions and build relationships.

Forefront Capital runs like a family or community. Through the Forefront Income Trust, Brad intends to draw middle-income households towards investment opportunities. It is his way of giving an opportunity to segments of the society never regarded as investors before.  Considering the popularity of Brad’s 5 Tips for Investment article, he’s definitely going to go places.

Skout Is A Top Choice In Dating Applications

A top 10 list of dating applications would be helpful to anyone looking to find a date. Julie Spira has created her list of top dating websites, and the information can be found on the TCPALM website. The list includes several well-known dating applications, and Skout made the list as number 7.

No two people in the world are exactly the same, and this makes it difficult for a person to find an online dating network that they can use on a regular basis when they may not find everything they need on one network. One person may be looking for a specific type of date while another person only cares to get any type of date possible. If a network doesn’t cater to the people that are visiting it, then it’s possible that the person will move on and try to find another network to use to find dates.

Skout has been around for years, and the network has had a lot of success in helping people to find dates and friends. Some people have been able to find friends on the Skout network that they go out with and exercise with on a regular basis, and this would have never been possible without Skout. There are some people that have been able to create groups or clubs through the Skout network, and they have made very good friends with the people that have joined these groups or clubs.

Many have even learned about traveling to different international destinations by using the Skout network, especially when they access the Skout Travel feature. The Skout Travel feature has been around for a couple years now, and the feature is one of the most popular features of the application. Skout Travel allows a person to travel virtually and look into international destinations for travel by getting pictures, information, and even by meeting people who live in these destinations. The Skout Travel feature is the closest thing to traveling to a destination in person, and it’s a lot less costly when it comes to traveling the world. Skout Travel can be used on the website or through the Skout application.

Many love the fact that Skout is so diverse and allows them to do a lot of different things. If a person wants to date someone, then they can easily use Skout to find a date. When a person wants to socialize or make friends, then Skout can be their go-to network for this. Even if traveling is on the person’s mind, then Skout Travel is an excellent choice, even if the person can’t leave their home to do the actual traveling. Skout’s amazing application and the website is highly rated and praised by many of its users as excellent.

The New Age of E-Commerce gets a Christmas Present

Sear and Roebuck had the idea first with their giant mail order catalog. A way for those in distant places to receive, via snail mail, fashions and household goods which, formerly, were only available to in-store shoppers. For decades they set the standard for brick and mortar retail stores and held that position until the debut of discount retailers, K-Mart and Wal-Mart. Next it was E-Bay entering the scene and forever changing how we buy stuff. But now there is Slyce, Inc. which has added a new and different wrinkle to shopping. If you have the Slyce image recognition app on your android phone all you have to do is take a photo of anything you want and Slyce will find it for you. You can complete the purchase right there on your cell phone or at home on your lap top. What could be easier! Sear and Roebuck would have been proud of this achievement by Slyce.

If you are like the millions of shoppers who have purchased part or all of their Christmas shopping on line, this technology will seem like a terrific idea, and it is. But there are downsides to shopping on-line. Research shows that 75-85% of online purchases do not end in a sale. There may be an out of stock issue or an item, size or color which is not available, but with Slyce alternative choices are immediately offered to the E-shopper, in hopes of finalizing the sale. The idea that you can take a cell phone photo of an admired item and have Slyce find it for you bodes well for E-commerce but may be the death knell for brick and mortar operations.

In a recent article in Market Wired it was announced that Slyce has a new contract with a major toy manufacturer which effectively doubles the value of their earlier contract. Slyce, based in Toronto, Canada has a professionally produced video extolling the virtues of using their system, and in this age of conspicuous consumption by using Slyce our shopping duties have been greatly reduced.

We live in a time of following trends and styles. Styles and fashions presented on television and in the movies have dictated tastes for decades. Individualism has been replaced by a sense of trying to fit in and to not stand out from the crowd. It may be a sad reflection on our consumer based material society but Slyce sure makes shopping a whole lot easier.

Purina Beneful Dog Food: A Great Choice for Happy and Healthy Dogs

Purina Beneful Dog Food is a superb choice for pet owners who want only the best for their dogs. There are several varieties of both wet and dry dog food as well as treats. This is the brand to choose if you want to treat your dogs like true members of the family.

There are several delicious wet varieties to choose from. Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice is made with real, quality ingredients. Dogs love the full, hearty flavors that are combine in this wet food. It is small and easily digestible to keep your dog satiated and content.

Everyone likes to spoil their pets sometimes, maybe even a little too often! That is where Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight with real chicken comes into light. Although this meal is lighter on calories on, it is nutrient-rich and your dog will surely find this food scrumptious. It has a healthy mixture of flavors your dog craves and loves.

Another dry food that your dog is sure to love is the Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites with real beef. This formula was created with smaller dogs in mind. The kibbles are smaller yet tender and full of delicious protein to keep your little buddy strong, healthy, and energetic.

Beneful on amazon also offers a wide array of treats for your dog. Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists come in an assortment of sizes from mini up to large to cater to all types of dogs. These treats fight plaque and tartar buildup. A touch of parsley will help freshen “doggy breath” and make owners and dogs alike smile.

Another treat your dog is sure to enjoy is Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Snackers with peanut butter and cheese flavors. Reward your canine companion with these tender and savory snacks. They’ll be sure to enjoy the soft and chewy centers with the flavors they enjoy most.

Purina Beneful’s main goal is to keep dogs happy and healthy. Only the best quality ingredients are selected to uphold the quality that you’ve come to know and trust from Purina Beneful.