Month: January 2016

Purina Adds Premium Dog Food to its List of Products

The Daily Herald posted a Bloomberg News article by Craig Giammona on 11/22/2015 title “Premium dog food sales with new innovations in healthy food.” Craig describes how traditional dog food companies like Purina are being challenged by companies like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo who offer dog food that is made from fresh and natural ingredients. Their dog food doesn’t use preservatives, avoids filler products like grain, has a short shelf life, and this “eat-like-your-owner” or “Paleo diet for pets” movement is gaining in popularity and market share. In July 2015, Purina purchased certified organic dog food producer Merrick Pet Care in hopes of adding a brand of dog food that caters to the fresh and natural market that now accounts for about half of all dog food sales. Merrick’s brand of dog food will be an addition to Purina’s highly successful Beneful product which does over a billion dollars in annual sales. Beneful has been one of Purina’s most successful dog food products since it was introduced in 2001, and recently they have undergone a multi-million-dollar ad campaign promoting the healthy benefits of this product. Beneful comes in many varieties of both wet and dry dog foods that are made from natural ingredients such as beef, chicken, fish, carrots, peas, and other natural products. Just like all Purina dog food products, Beneful must pass strict food quality and safety standards that have been set by the FDA, USDA and AAFCO before the product is put on store shelves. Purina’s suppliers are also held to a high standard as they must meet product safety, sanitation and manufacturing protocols before Purina will use their products in making the dog food. Craig Giammona points out that the premium fresh and natural dog food industry is growing in market share despite the products being more expensive than standard or traditional dog food. Even with the increased prices, dog owners seem to be willing to pay more for dog food that helps to make their dogs happier and healthier. Craig’s article can be found at

It’s Gratifying To Find Premium Dog Food Like Beneful

There’s a lot of pride floating around my home, and I’m proud to say that it’s because of the article that I found the other day. The article from the Daily Herald is about premium dog food companies and the manufacturers on that produce their products. I shared it with my wife, and we bought a new kind of dog food for our puppy. The dog is so much more energetic. I started researching dog foods and the diets that dogs should have when our dog started acting kind of lazy. Now, he is just as youthful as her ever was when he was a puppy.

What Kind Of Food Do You Choose?

Our dog knows what tastes good. He won’t eat just any old food. He’ll sniff it, and if it doesn’t agree with what he thinks food should smell like, then he won’t even try it. He’s a very picky eater. With that in mind, he hasn’t turned his nose up once to Beneful on In fact, I have never seen him so excited about breakfast and dinner at our house. It is like he’s five years younger all of a sudden. That dog food from Beneful is like the doggy fountain of youth for my dog. It made him turn a new chapter in his life. He’s got the energy to go on walks whenever we get the leash, so we bring along Beneful Baked Delights to cheer him up along the way.

That article gave some great details about what goes into making the best dog foods on the market and what high quality ingredients go into those foods. Premium dog foods, like Benefuls, use real ingredients in their mixture, so the manufacturer pays more for the production costs. It’s very gratifying to find out that the companies actually care when they make premium foods for dogs. The dog appreciates the fact that we buy Benefuls now. He likes Chopped Blends and Beneful Dry Dog Food Original.

If you want to check out that article that I was talking about, then go to this url:

Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed as New CEO of Coriant

Long-established business and technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir is now the CEO and board chairman of the international networking firm Coriant. He moved into his new position after serving  as the head of Jupiter Networks.

The son of a doctor, the 55-year-old Kheradpir was born in London and raised in Iran before coming to the United States. Receiving his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from Cornell University, he joined GTE in 1987 and would later serve as the company’s chief information officer. It was in that position that he earned respect for delivering new products on schedule.

In his post at Verizon Communications, which was formed in a merger between GTE and Bell Atlantic, Kheradpir established teams of engineers who would develop a host of new products. One such creation was iobi, which manages such items as address books and caller identification services. His department also developed a portable device that was combination telephone, router and modem.

Kheradpir was employed by Barclays, the banking and financial institution, before joining Jupiter in 2014. In his position at Jupiter, Kheradpir would contribute to both the development of new products and to proposals designed to reduce business costs. He moved to Coriant last September. His outside activities have included three years of service on the advisory board of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Coriant became an independent company in 2013, but traces its roots to the international conglomerate Siemens. Itself offering services that extend into more than 100 countries, Coriant sells hardware and software used in the transmission of computerized information. Its products are designed to reduce complexities, improve utilization and create new sources of revenue. Its clients range from financial institutions and other large enterprises to government agencies. Since its separation from Nokia Siemens Networks, Coriant has operated under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners.

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Greg Hague: Creating Top-Selling Real Estate Agents in 90 Days

Greg Hague changed the way real estate is sold and he’s willing to share his successful strategies with other real estate agents. Hague isn’t shy about criticizing the way many real estate agents go about selling homes; he says that the methods that they use are out-dated and ineffective. Companies selling cell phones put more effort into building excitement about new models than real estate agents put into building buzz about new homes coming on the market, according to Hague.

To enlighten real estates about the practices he used, Greg Hague founded Real estate Mavericks, a coaching program that explains his unconventional, yet rewarding, approach. One of Hague’s tactics is to invite select home buyers to private showings before a house for sale sign goes on the lawn. Traditionally, agents put the sign up as quickly as possible, however Hague says that with his method, potential buyers feel like they are getting an insider tip. It’s a marketing tactic that works well in other industries, yet most real estate agents never bother to learn from the inventiveness of salespersons in other fields.

During Real Estate Mavericks coaching sessions, Hague explains all the tactics he’s used during his long, successful real estate career. No one tactic works in all markets and for all types of homes, therefore, during Real Estate Mavericks coaching sessions, Greg explains what he practiced as a new real estate agent up until he became a top luxury home seller. He’s had a long, fruitful career, but now, Hague focuses on helping others in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Mavericks is a grueling 90-day course, however, real estate agents come away with the tools they need to soar in their chosen career. Participants discover totally new ways to get listings and sell homes; they even learn new ways of approaching their job. Hague expects everyone who earns his “Top Dollar Agent” certification to come away with greatly increased marketing expertise, enabling him or her to sell homes quickly, and for a good price. All this is also good news for home sellers who want to get the most money out of their house.

Stephen Murray And CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a company that is dedicated to the people that it serves. It is a company that focuses the majority of its efforts on the people of the company and the businesses that are partners with the company. They are a private equity firm and work to make their business the best for the clients. They do so through their chemical ventures, Chase Capital, manufacturing and partnerships that have been carefully put together to ensure the best for both companies.

When it comes to chemicals, it can be hard to stay within guidelines and regulations while still managing to make money for the business. CCMP capital helps the companies that they work with to be able to meet their own regulations while still making money within the chemical venture field. There have been many instances on when CCMP was solely responsible for the chemical companies being successful within their own field.

If you are looking for a private equity banking solution, Chase Capital is the sector of CCMP that you may be interested in. As the pet project of former president and CEO Stephen Murray, Chase Capital has risen above what it originally was. What started out as a simple idea about banking for CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray allowed it to become even bigger. The Chase Capital portion of the company now focuses on banking not only the CCMP capital but also works with private entities to ensure that they are getting the banking solutions that they need.

If you are in the manufacturing field, it is likely that you will need someone to manage the money that you are making as a result of this manufacturing. Stephen Murray made it possible for you to be able to do this because he worked to make CCMP a leader with the manufacturing sector of the business world. He knew what businesses needed to be able to perform manufacturing and worked to ensure that CCMP was able to give that to them. There are many parts of manufacturing and CCMP can help manufacturers make money while they are working to improve the options that they offer to people.

As a business, it is important for CCMP to have partners that work with them. These partners make it easier for the company to get the capital that they need while getting the ideas that will help them be better at what they are doing with the company. There are many options that the company can choose from. With the partners that CCMP has, they are able to provide their clients with the best of the best. The partnerships that were created by Stephen Murray CCMP Capital were made to last for the clients of the company.