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The Zika Virus Is Surprising Medical Experts According To Brazil’s Top Doctor Sergio Cortes

The Zika virus is a cunning adversary, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health’s top doctor, Sergio Cortes. The rapid movement of the virus is amazing considering the fact that cases of the Zika virus have been reported in African and Asian countries for the last sixty years. Brazil didn’t report its first case until April of 2015, and since then, the virus has spread across Latin America and the Caribbean. The islands of Aruba and Bonaire are the latest islands to report the spread of the disease.

The rapid movement is not unusual when a new virus, spread by a certain species of mosquito, shows up in country that has no immunity. The Zika virus is showing up in the saliva, semen and urine of infected individuals according to an article posted on the Dr. Cortes official website. Cortes also wrote that the virus seems to go right to the brain of fetuses, but the virus can’t be found in other areas of the body. That fact alone is stumping the medical experts. But new information about the Zika virus that links the virus to a rare disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome is another challenge that is surprising the experts

Dr. Cortes said on his website, no one understands why the Zika virus is in Brazil now when the virus has been circulating on other continents for years. But that question and a plethora of other questions make the job of finding a vaccine difficult. The scientific research needed to answer questions about the Zika virus and microcephaly is in its infancy. It will take months or even years to create a vaccine to combat the disease, and it may even take longer to determine how the Zika virus and microcephaly are connected.

The symptoms that manifest from the Zika virus are not life-threatening, but the birth defects associated with severe cases of microcephaly are life-threatening. Babies born with a severe case of the disease have shorter life spans, according to report by Dr. Cortes. The main concern in Brazil and in other countries is to stop the disease at the source, but that isn’t an easy task. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the disease carrier, and that species of mosquito can breed in clean water. Brazil has an eradication program in place, but there are questions about how safe that program is to humans.

Information about Zika and the Aedes aegypti mosquito are on the Dr. Cortes LinkedIn page. There is also information on the Dr. Cortes Facebook page. Twitter users follow the doctor’s tweets.

George Soros Fears That Fear Will Break Up The European Union

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros has been paying attention to Europe for quite a while. The philanthropist founded the Open Society Foundation in 1979 which promotes progressive and democratic ideals across the globe, especially Europe. This puts George Soros in a unique position to understand the seriousness of the Syrian refugee crisis and its effect on the European Union. Soros, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, believe the EU is on the brink of collapse.
Growing Fear And Tension

The European Union established what’s known as the Shengen Area. Once a citizen enters the area they are free to move about with very little restriction from country to country. This free flow of people and money is essential to the European Union’s economic engine, which is now being threatened by fear and an unsustainable flow of migrants.

Finnish Finance Minister, Alex Stubb, is quick to agree with George Soros in saying that immigrants are not themselves a source of terrorism. Terrorism grows from radicalization which is a completely separate problem. But the citizens of the European Union fear the migrants from Syria nonetheless, especially in the wake of the tragic attacks in Paris.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who Soros has criticized in the past for right-wing austerity measures, has stepped toward the left and established an open-door policy for Syrian immigrants in Germany. Soros welcomes the change in policy, but the German people and other countries in the European Union do not agree. Some fear the open borders created by the Shengen agreement will allow possible terrorists and “freeloading” immigrants into their countries. The urge to close borders may be too great and we may see the collapse of the European Union altogether.

A Possible Solution

But Soros sees a way for immigrants to come safely into Europe while benefiting the economy of the European Union as a whole. He believes the people of Europe, specifically Germany, need to back their Chancellor and her newfound leadership skills. As the most powerful country in Europe, it is Germany’s responsibility to lead the fight against fear and to establish a European Union wide immigration policy. The immigration policy, according to Soros, should start outside of the European Union where vetting can take place. This strong stance on immigration can allow for a humane and sustainable flow of refugees.

Soros’s Harrowing Past

George Soros is most known for his wealth and his daring trades on financial markets. He is known as the man who broke the Bank of England, profiting $1 billion in a day betting against the British pound during a financial crisis in the 1990s. But what most people don’t know about George Soros is that he was also a refugee from Nazi Germany. His hard work brought him success and he believes the people of the European Union should not fear refugees.


Securus Technologies has the largest IT development staff dealing with the corrections departments throughout the USA. Their constant strive to keep the public safe includes investigations, along with corrections and monitoring. They announced the first code release of 2016, which shows a continuous improvement as well as expanding their major platforms as well as their leadership team that will make a positive impact on not only correction agencies, but include inmates, family and friends as well. 

Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies, released a statement concerning the 2016 platforms that performed with consistency and perseverance and confirmed their mission of serving and connecting to make the world safe: 

They know that with each release, Securus Technologies will keep a lead on the competition. They conclude that without a great team and a single state-of-the-art calling platform that all their customers use now as well as their video visitation system which allows family members to have at-home visits with their incarcerated loved ones. Simply download the free Securus app and connect it to your account. Their further efforts includes the investment strategy necessary to continuously improve technology for their constituents: 

  • Inmates
  • Correction agencies
  • Family and Friends

The reason they maintain the lead is the Secure Calling Platform (SCP) and ancillary platforms represent largest single calling platform in the world for law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities. You can find out more by visiting this site: 
Securus Technologies calls Dallas, Texas home and has more than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement and corrections facilities and over 1,200,000 inmates across USA, they have served. Securus Technologies has firmly made a commitment to provide:

  • Emergency response
  • Public information
  • Incident management
  • Investigatios
  • Biometric analysis
  • Communications
  • Inmate self-service
  • Monitoring products

This tutorial will provide more information about the full service of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. 

FreedomPop Wants You to Stay Connected While Traveling


FreedomPop is the hugely successful discount wireless carrier that has been saving customers money on their mobile phone bills for the last three years. The company does not own or maintain any of its own data networks, so it does not need to charge the larger prices to consumers in order to perform the upkeep. Instead, the company purchases data wholesale from Spring, which it then is able to sell back to consumers. Of course, all users of FreedomPop start out with free service, up to a few hundred minutes, texts and data. The company wants to continue with this practice only into the international market.

So how did the company going to do this internationally? After all, a mobile phone in a different country is going to connect to the international phone network, which in turn is going to charge FreedomPop for the fee. FreedomPop is going to help work around this. First, it is providing a hotspot SIM card that works currently in 25 different countries, mostly in Europe and North America. For $49.99 a year, this mobile phone service provides 200 MB worth of data a month to connect to the Internet, send visual texts and perform other necessary services. For anyone who needs to purchase more data, they are able to do exactly this by spending $10 more per 500 MB.

This is only the beginning. Consumers are able to wait until the end of the year when FreedomPop expects to have over 40 countries included in this number of nations, expanding to Asia and Latin America. Now, the fee for the service is to buy in at $99.99, although individuals are welcome to buy in now at the $49.99, which is used to sign up contracts with the other foreign networks. All of this should make international travel easier.

Crystal Hunt & Friends Bring Entertainment Post-Prime Time

In an age of hundreds and thousands of television channels, finding quality entertainment is often a tricky situation. Soap operas, reality shows, comedies and more flood the market for screen time, but what happens when stars of former daytime & prime time television come together to make a reality show? The answer is Queens of Drama.

Queens of Drama is a scripted American reality drama series that centers around former daytime and prime-time soap stars. The series premiered on the American network Pop in April of 2015, and features past soap stars such as Donna Mills, Vanessa Marcil, and Crystal Hunt. Despite its scripted nature, the stars all feature as themselves throughout the series (though Mills’ character is highly fictionalized).

While many of the stars are known for previous roles in related programming, instagram fans feel Hunt stands out as the up and coming actress who is steadily becoming more prominent in the world of film and television. IMDb shows that Crystal Hunt is an American actress who has been featured in several prime-time television shows. While she is probably best known for her portrayal of Lizzie Spaulding on the long-running CBS soap-opera series The Guiding Light, Hunt has also made recent cinematic appearances (most recently playing Lauren in Magic Mike XXL and Molly in 23 Blast). In 2005 she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Young Actress in a Drama Series,” as well as a Soap Opera Digest Award.

Her other ventures have included ownership of the high-end pet boutique My Pet’s Dream Boutique in her hometown of Clearwater Florida. With a birthday coming up Hunt has also had technical film experience, producing her first feature film (Talbot Country) in 2014. Hunt’s increasingly prolific industry experience has enabled her to work with high-profile industry giants. She has starred in ABC’s One Life to Live (as Stacey Morasco) and Universal Pictures’ Sydney White (as Demetria Hodgekiss).

In the series Queens of Drama Hunt (as with her co-stars) plays a fictionalized version of herself. The show follows the former daytime stars as they attempt to create and produce a pilot episode for a new television series. With all of it’s on the nose actions, flairs of personal experience, and strong television personalities, Queens of Drama brings quality entertainment and great personalities to drama fueled audiences everywhere.  Check out this interview with Crystal Hunt and the ladies of Queens of Drama.

The Final Three

Manse On Marsh is one of my top choices of facilities for my father to reside at within the next year. He is starting to become more difficult to care for and he refuses to go to an average, everyday nursing home that looks identical to a hospital. What he wants is a peaceful place where he can reside and a place where there are no hospital beds, rude staff and most importantly, no hospital smell. As far as I am concerned, Manse On Marsh has none of things, but they do however have everything my father will need to live a comfortable, happy and healthy life. Whether those things are important to him or not, they are to me and the rest of the family.

I know I don’t really have to start planning his move just yet, but I feel as if I should at least get a list together of the top three places we all have agreed on, than I’ll be one step ahead of myself. The awful part about it all is that I am the only one that will be involved in this whole process. Even though everyone has there opinion about where he should go, I still have to do all of the foot work. As much as it drives me insane, I do like that I am given the opportunity to make that final decision and I will be the first one called if something was to happen to my father.

Manse On Marsh made it to the top three because of their amazing recommendations and reviews from other residents and family members. Normally with facilities for the elderly, you will find numerous complaints from residents, but that is definitely not the case here. To me it seems like everyone who has even walked through their doors has been extremely pleased with what they had to offer. Before I decide to put my father there, I do want to bring him in for a tour and a sit down with administration and they can be contacted online. That way we can both ask any questions we feel necessary before signing any papers or making any rash decisions. So many people are so quick to put their parents in nursing homes that they do not think to check into a facilities history or rules. I honestly feel like refusing to ask questions is borderline neglect to your parent. I take every step possible in making sure that my father will have a great life.

Brad Reifler Shares Investment Tips

Brad Reifler, who is a famous and highly successful investor and entrepreneur has laid out some tips that any investor can utilize. These tips have been used by Reifler himself during his long tenure as an investor and entrepreneur. Here is the groundwork of Brad’s top investment tips.

The first tip showcased on Wikipedia as well says Reifler is to be extremely cautious on how to invest your wealth. After all, the wealth you have accumulated most likely did not come about as a result of luck or a gift. It resulted in hard work put in by you directly or indirectly somehow, so you need to cautious with your hard earned cash. Some important aspects to consider and questions to ask include what are the risks involved, who is going to be in charge on managing your wealth, and what fees will they charge. It is also a good idea to think about any additional expenses that may result. Listing all of your assets, whether it is real estate, company stock or bonds will help you have a realistic idea of your wealth. It will also help you create a realistic goal.

The second tip offered by Brad Reifler is to be very concerned about the safety of your money. You only want to invest in accredited and trustworthy institutions, companies and individuals. Being concerned about your money and knowing where it is going will help you avoid being scammed and cheated. Take it from Brad Reifler, he knows this firsthand.

The third tip offered by Mr. Reifler is to not put all your eggs into one basket. This means not investing all of your extra cash into the stock market. Too many individuals are tempted to put all their money into the stock market. Doing so puts all of their wealth at risk. Be smart and diversify your investments. This will help spread out risk and minimize losses. It also can increase the likelihood of you making a profit as well. This is because the more varied your investment and assets are, the more likely that somewhere, something should be making a return for you.

The fourth tip made by Reifler is to know the individual that is going to be looking after your investment and managing your funds. Mr. Reifler cannot stress this enough on Twitter. Developing a close relationship with the manager of your money can really help you in the long run. Being on good terms with your wealth manager, can be the difference between being alerted of major events with your money right away and being called days after something has happened. Try to develop a line of communication and trust with your wealth manager. indicates that the fifth and final tip offered by Brad Reifler is to determine why you are investing in the first place. Know your goals and work towards them. Reifler also recommends that you build upon success. In his career, when something has worked he has and expanded upon it with great results. The same attitude can be used in investments. For more information about Brad Reifler’s investment tips and his latest venture that is focused on the middle class investor check out this Reuters article.

Dr Sergio Cortes explais how Xerém Flooding Causes Heath Crisis

On January 15th the last of the seven dengue hydration stations in the Brazilian city of Xerém was completed and each features 12 hydration chairs to help re hydrate patients suffering from dengue fever and other maladies. It seems that the centers were completed just in time to be able and assist the people of the region with some of the worst flooding that the area has seen as late. With a capacity of 300 people the centers have now been used for this flooding emergency as well. Dr. Sergio Cortes was about to go tour the flooded area when a reporter from
Extra.Global came to interview him about the floods and the increasingly cases of widespread transmission of the Zika virus in the state. The Zika virus was initially discovered in the northern and eastern parts of Brazil in 2014. With only mild symptoms it really never raised a major concern until recently when a link was established to almost 4000 birth defects in Brazil. Dr. Sergio Cortes according to wikipedia is also a medical expert and he explains that the Zika virus may also be linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome another autoimmune and neurological disease. It’s all about the mosquitoe’s because they are the chief way that the Zika virus could be transmitted. Sec.Sergio Cortes explains that people are not contagious when they are infected with the Zika virus and do not have the ability to pass the virus on to another person. This makes the mosquito the transmitter of the virus. The particular species involved, Aedes aegypti, is a very active bitter. The female Aedes aegypti mosquito has been known to carry dengue, the Chikungunya virus and the Zika virus.

Dr. Cortes is also creating a civilian program to help train people with the ability help with early detection of some of the symptoms of these viruses. The goal is to help identify the symptoms in time to isolate the picture and prevent the mosquitoes from transmitted disease. The other part of Dr. Cortes’s plan is the decontaminating of the infected waters in the region. With 200,000 troops deployed that are actively spraying sodium hypochlorite into contaminated waters Dr. Cortes is hopeful. Another 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite have been passed out to civilians so that they may place the sodium hypochlorite in any contaminated waters and into their residential tanks

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