Fashion with Fabletics


When it comes to fashion, women typically don’t want to wear clothes that are boring, plain, or uncomfortable-especially when it comes to athletic wear. There are options out there on the market that are cute, but they unfortunately become sheer way too quickly (which can make a downward facing dog quite embarrassing in yoga class). Some other options may include durability, but they lack that feminine style touch. Luckily, Fabletics understands the struggles women face while trying to find cute, durable, and comfortable active wear. Best of all, Fabletics is affordable, allowing all women to feel comfortable while getting fit.
Fabletics was created by Kate Hudson, a successful actress who is also known for her great style choices and interest in living a healthy and active life. Kate Hudson makes her brand personal, as she shares her own athletic wear picks each month, giving a heads-up to her friends on which items are top trending. Not only is Fabletics affordable, but they offer a convenient monthly subscription service that is super easy to follow. Each month, the customer gets to pick out an outfit that is to to be delivered to them for the monthly subscription price. What is great about this monthly subscription service is that it is totally flexible, meaning that the customer can opt out at any time she wishes. Or, if she would like a break from the subscription, she can request to take a month (or a few) off of the subscription. This is just another way that Fabletics caters to each woman’s unique lifestyle.
The items included in Kate Hudson’s fashion line are trending like crazy, as they are fun and vibrant (making is actually exciting to get ready for the gym). Not only are these athletic wear pieces fashionable, but they are super unique as well, including items such as leggings with floral print or geometric patterned yoga tights. The fabletics website makes it easy to find the active wear that best fits each woman, as they offer a lifestyle quiz that determines clothing items best for her workout routine, body shape, and taste in fashion. Fabletics keeps it fresh by adding new items each month, so the athletic wear is always on point. For more information about Fabletics, check out The Clothe’s Maiden.