Month: September 2016

The Chinese Are Buying American Real Estate And Investor Kyle Bass Is Betting Against China’s Currency


The Chinese are buying high-end real estate in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other American cities like it was free. China is spending billions on the American capitalistic system while their own capitalistic system is going through a transition. The Chinese economy is stalling even though the latest figures show growth of 6.7 percent in the second quarter of 2016. But that’s not great GDP growth for China. The reason the Chinese economy is starting to crumble is a complicated one, but it is something that investors like Kyle Bass is uncomplicated by betting the Chinese currency is going to fall against the U.S. dollar over the next three years.



 UsefulStooges does say that the Kyle Bass bet does make sense if all the information that China releases is accurate. But if history is any indication, the Chinese don’t release actual information. Bass is betting that the Chinese yuan is going down by as much as 40 percent over the next three years, and if that happens, Bass and the investors in his Hayman Capital hedge fund will make billions. Bass is known for making risky investments and winning. Hayman Capital became a superstar when the subprime mortgage industry collapsed in 2008. Bass was the investor to follow back then, but some of the glitter is gone from his investment star these days. Bass has been involved in some transactions that test the definition of ethics, lately. Kyle even rebelled against the hedge fund industry when he backed Argentina decision to default on their debt bonds. Bass alienated millions of people when he took the General Motors side when people died in GM vehicles because of faulty airbags and steering mechanisms.



In fact, Hayman Capital and Kyle Bass have been called unethical by the widow of Chris Kyle. She invested some American Sniper money in Hayman Capital, and she’s not happy with the transaction or the treatment she was given by Bass and company. The list of questionable decisions by Bass continues to grow, but Bass believes his bet against China’s currency will heal all his past missteps. That may be easier said than done.

Finding A Company To Do Advertising

Every business needs some kind of marketing. While a lot of businesses will come up with some of the best products, it is the business with the best marketing campaign that will bring out the most sales. However, it takes professional marketers in order to bring in the customers. Many business owners do not know the right channels to use in order to advertise the products and services that it is offering. As a result, businesses without the marketing will fall into obscurity. When businesses use advertisers like White Shark Media in order to let people know about the products that are offered, they will find that their products will sell greatly.

White Shark Media stands out from other marketers because they customize their marketing campaigns for each client. They examine the client’s company closely in order to find out the type of products that it is selling. So it would go into the different aspects of the business which include whether it is selling consumer electronics, food or any other type of product. Then the professional marketers take the time to figure out the type of audience that it needs to reach. Afterwards, they figure out where the audience can be reached. Afterwards, they put together an advertising campaign which can not only reach them, but also compel them to buy from the company,

White Shark Media is willing and able to work with anything they have. The professionals have the creativity to work with any limits they are given. They are also willing to work with people that have already had some campaigns of their own going. White Shark Media is willing to take the strongest aspects of the website and capitalize on it. Among the ways they do that is by making sure that the parts of the website that is holding it back is taken care of. This allows the site to perform at maximum sales capacity. As a result, the client will reach greater levels of profit.

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Your Complete Hair Care System Via Wen By Chaz

Hair care today can be so complicated. Many women have an entire closet in their bathroom just to keep all their hair care products in a single space. This is why women today are often looking for a single system today. They know it can be really hard for them to spend time in the morning trying to figure out which particular products might be right for them for their plans for the day. Sorting through the hair care items on the shelves can also be hard as well, as it is not always clear which product might work for a woman’s highly specific hair care needs.
Finding One System

In an effort to help reduce the stress of constantly looking for hair care products in the morning, women today have increasingly turned to the work of one company for their total hair care needs. Wen By Chaz is the company that knows what women want. They know that it is necessary to go looking for products on the market that might be just right for their clients. This is why they help women everywhere find the total hair care system they need to have in their bathroom closets right now. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online via Amazon.

All Their Products

The WEN products they offer here are about one system on hand that includes shampoo and conditioner in one single product. No need to go looking for separate hair items and then try Wen out one by one on a person’s hair. Instead, the woman can find what she needs right here with their help. A total hair care system has many important advantages. It is all about being able to get what she needs as soon as she needs it. Then she can get out of the house in the morning quickly with really beautiful hair. Visit for more info. Check them on Facebook.


Securus Technologies Is Improving Every Day

It is truly amazing what someone can do with the right technology at their hands. They can uncover things they probably never thought they could ever do in their wildest dreams. However, the people working on these types of projects are smarter than ever and they have all of the tools they need to get the results as quickly as possible and as accurately as possible. In a recent article, which can be found here, it was announced that Securus Technologies which works on civil and criminal tech solutions has released the Investigator Pro 4.0. This is a great new product that is really going to change the way they do business and the way they operate.



This is groundbreaking technology that allows investigators to get a sample of someone’s voice and find out what other calls they have placed and what they are up and what they might be planning. Once they hear the voice, it can be remembered for future calls. The reason this product is out there is to stop crime dead in its tracks. If they can get a head start on something and be one step ahead of a criminal or a gang, they are winning the battle.


When it comes to these situations, it is important to be ready for anything and everything they might throw at you. You have to be able to outsmart them and not let them get away with it. This allows them to find out who they are speaking to and their intentions. Nothing goes unnoticed or under the radar, which is the beauty of this. As we all know, crime is getting out of hand and if people can nip it in the bud and prevent it from happening, this product is going to really going to eliminate crime.


Power and Influence of IAP Worldwide Inc.

The purpose of IAP Worldwide organization is to provide all the human services and also go an extra mile and make what is thought as impossible to being very possible. The team recruits human laborers who undergo training to become the service providers in the field. IAP Worldwide provides logistics services all over the globe. The other extra-engaged services include facility management and advanced professional and technical requirements. The company switches into action for a range of activities just as they receive a call for their services. IAP creates a link between the market acquisition and the consumers. They maintain and manage military installations with services ranging from natural disasters to the war zones.

IAP has been in the market for the last sixty years over which they have had enough time to proof legible to the customers on Their levels of service have been core to type reputation they receive at their home nation and even across borders. The ability to take the clients need as their own has given them strength to operate and also meet the most promising results and experience.

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Mission, Values, and Leadership

The strategic plans of IAP Worldwide have been propelled by the kind of service they have offered to their esteemed customers over the period in operation on They have workers who show gratitude for seeking service from the company. The individuals in the industry have personalized the firm’s goals. Through this spirit, the organization is also able to develop the proper leaders and thus improve their customer service department. IAP Worldwide is not egocentric as such, but it believes in the power of unity despite the efforts to beat its rivals for the profit and market strengths.They, therefore, learn about their competitors and also seek partnership in some areas to ensure their customers have the best services ever.

Human resource department

The industry has employed a large population or workers. This has helped change the standards of living for those who are service persons in this firm. They have instilled an ethical relationship that operates IAP Worldwide as whole, and it lowers down to every worker within the premise. The HR department is responsible for selecting individuals who will help the business achieve its objectives. The employees are well trained for the safety and quality reasons. The professionals who have the capabilities are considered for the vacancies.