Month: October 2016

Lovaganza: Entertainment Art And Culture

One of the most important things of culture is art. Art is one of the many vehicles for self expression. Art is also used to entertain people. When people take a look at the artwork of others, not only do they get to enjoy the work and craft that was put into it, they also learn something valuable. One thing that could be said about art is that it is meant to be diverse. Anything could be considered art. However, with each industry comes a restriction on the type of art that is released. This is the history of many different industries. Fortunately, there is an industry that is working on lifting more restrictions.

Lovaganza is the one film industry that is made for culture. With the different types of films and events being released to the public at these festivals, people will not only get to experience the difference in the creativity and the production value put into these films, they also get to learn about different cultures that they wouldn’t have learned about in their established industries. Lovaganza has shown that it is about unity. Unity of different cultures and the improvement of life for many different cultures.

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Given that Lovaganza is all about diversity, there are new formats that are exclusive to the festival. Among these new formats is Immerscope. This film format actually wraps around the audience so that they are completely surrounded by image. Therefore, they will always see an image no matter where they look. This is good for event celebrations. Also, other films are shot in different film formats that are not usually seen in regular theaters.

Lovaganza is an experience that people should have at least once in their life. The creators behind this festival put a lot of thought and love into the presentation of these events. People will not only get to see some amazing and inspiring images, they will also get to experience some high quality sound as the films progress. People who visit Lovaganza will find that their lives will be changed with all of the different things they learn about culture.

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How to Improve Your College Football Betting Skills

Millions of Americans are huge fans of college football. This sporting spectacle has attracted a strong following in the U.S. In fact, most of the games get broadcasted on various TV channels. There is a strong case to suggest that a significant fraction of the people attending and following this matches are more into the gambling aspect that the actual sport itself. Whether you are gambling for the sake of having fun or as a professional, this article is a brilliant read.

Here are some of the proven and tested betting strategies utilized by the genuine professionals, according to the information posted on

Stake Everything

Do a thorough research and identify a sure win team. Place everything you have on that particular team. The best thing about this strategy is that when you are right, you earn a lot.

Go Martingale

The martingale bet works this way. Let’s say you bet $100 on team A winning. Before this bet even materializes, you go ahead and stake an extra $200 on team B winning. Suppose team A loses, and team B wins, you can recoup all losses and still walk away with some profits.

Spread Betting

According to Wikipedia, spread betting aims to create an active market for both sides of a binary wager. A spread bet is placed on a range of possible outcomes. To win with this bet, you have to be very accurate in the wager. There’s more to it than just selecting the favorites over the underdog and cashing in. It is imperative you look at the stop indicators so as to bring down the risk factor.

Over and Under Betting

This popular type of bet is very simple. Let us suppose that two college’s football teams A and B are playing. The bookies have a line setting the total at 45 points. Now, if you place an over type of bet and the score ends something along the lines of 35-45, then your bet wins. But if the total tally is below 45 then you lose the over bet.

Bet Responsibly

Bet the amounts you are comfortable losing. Avoid going overboard and spending all your money on a single bet.

Visit stresses the importance partnering up with trusted sources when looking for betting information on college football. It’s a trusted and a credible source renowned for providing accurate college football odds and statistics on the sport. An excellent source shares real-time updates, news, and results for all the on-going games in the league.

White Shark Media

Steps To Handling Customer Complaints


Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for proven steps to handle customer complaints? Want to find a way to address customer complaints and build your credibility? Every business or organization will at some point encounter issues with customers who will demand better service. If you find your self facing a customer complaint, it is imperative that you take steps to resolve the issue right away.


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White Shark Media has had its own share of customer complaints. It was many years ago when the company was beginning in business and didn’t have a great system in place to handle complaints. Over the years, the White Shark Media has grown tremendously, and is well equipped to handle complaints effectively, and in a timely manner. Clients are pleased with the quality of service they receive and the results they are getting from their advertising efforts.


Once you have listened to the customer’s concern immediately try to create a bond between you and the customer and let them know you are doing something about the matter. The customer wants to know that you are taking steps to resolve the problem, and you should let them know that.


White Shark Media ensourages their professionals to offer a solution to the customer’s problem. They suggest that you always focus on what solution you can provide as opposed to what you cannot do. There is always a way to resolve an issue. If you focus finding a solution to their problem the customer will appreciate it and have patience while you are working on it.


Next step is to execute the solution, and ensure that the customer is happy. You can solve their problem with their originally requested resolution or an alternative you have proposed.


And be sure to follow up with them to ensure that they are pleased with the solution you have provided and that you have addressed the issue.


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Bruce Levenson Is Fighting AIG For Payments Due In Court Battle

Bruce Levenson sold his portion of the Atlanta Hawks back in early 2015, according to ESPN, along with the rest of the members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE), but now the group is finding itself in a battle with their insurance company. AIG, the insurance company was supposed to have AHBE covered for losses that would entail selling the team and having to pay out contracts, and the contract involved here is that of former GM Danny Ferry. AHBE agreed to buy out Ferry’s contract, and were supposed to be compensated for that by AIG, but thus far AIG is refusing to honor the policy. None of the Atlanta Hawks current owners under Tony Ressler’s group are involved in this.

Bruce Levenson owned the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 to 2014, but prior to buying the team he was a journalist and entrepreneur. He had originally intended to practice law and attended the law school of American University, but he found his passion in publishing newsletters instead. His first real profitable newsletter was Oil Express, a publication that wrote news about developments in the oil industry. He soon founded Unified Communications Group, a large privately-owned media conglomerate that followed trends not only in energy, but also in healthcare and finance. UCG also owns the famous GasBuddy app.

Besides starting up businesses, Levenson also has started up foundations to help low-income children receive higher education. Those foundations include Hoop Dreams, and the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson is also passionate about his Jewish heritage, and he helped establish the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, a place that tells the stories about imprisoned Jews and survivors of the event. Levenson also supports university groups like the Center for Philanthropy at the University of Maryland, and the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute.

Source:, Bruce Levenson’s Wikipedia page


Low-Income Dallas Residents Turn to Habitat for Humanity

Dallas is a great metropolitan area that has received well-deserved attention from around the world. Unfortunately, its home ownership rates remain a bit low compared to the US national average. That is why a local financial institution is working with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity branch to help low-income residents purchase their own homes.

“Why Can’t Poor Dallas Families Afford Homes?”

Since 2008, some banks have made it more difficult for sub-prime market borrowers to qualify for home loans. Some financial institutions felt exposed to many toxic assets and did not want to be burned again. Thankfully, Habitat for Humanity and NexBank have stepped into this mortgage funding vacuum.

Over the last couple of decades, the Dallas chapter of Habitat for Humanity has built more than 1600 homes. This has enabled the poor to get affordable housing. Now, NexBank is providing much-needed funding to Habitat for Humanity.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

“What does NexBank provide?”

Many low-income residents have not saved up the necessary down-payment or closing costs for their homes. This is because many lack savings. This has been a major deterrence to increasing the Dallas low-income home ownership rates. Fortunately, NexBank has offered to provide help with the closing costs.

Working with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, NexBank will pay all the title fees that accrue during closing. It will also pay up to the amount of $2,000 for closing costs per each loan. NexBank Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski said “We’re proud to partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. Both organizations have a strong record of helping lower-income families secure affordable homes in the North Texas community.” Thankfully, the low-income families in Dallas can trust in Habitat for Humanity and NexBank.