The return of George Soros to influence US Politics

George Soros, the renowned business magnet, and a political activist have been remaining in silence for a long while ever since the election outcomes in 2004. But the recent US election has brought him back, and he is again playing the high cards in influencing the US politics with money.

If you didn’t know, George Soros, the Hungarian-American business tycoon who is well known as the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations is also a fervent political activist and a philanthropist. Although he comes from a very poor backdrop from United Kingdom of Hungary, he has reached to new heights of success and raised a personal net worth of US$24.9 billion within a very short time through his wit on investment and fund management. And he has been using his fortune to support some causes including politics as well. According to various sources, Soros has donated more than $11 billion to some philanthropic causes including American progressive and American liberal political issues. His donation to boost Hillary is a sheer example of his eminent support for this political side.

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The news articles from Politico titled “George Soros donates $8 million to boost Hillary” depicts the backdrop and motives behind the generous contribution of Soros to Hillary Camp. In December 2015, Mr. Soros donated $6 million to the super PAC who were supporting Hillary’s presidential campaign. In addition to that, George Soros also paid $1 million to Priorities USA and another $1 million to another Clinton-backing PAC in the first half of 2015. This took his total to $8 million and made him the leading donor regarding contribution and a big supporter of Hillary. But this is nothing compared to his donation of $20 million in 2004 to support the party against George W. Bush. After this, George Soros cut down his political contribution to a huge extent. Even in the last election he only donated $1 million to Priorities USA supporting the reelection of President Obama.

According to a close Clinton ally, Soros regretted supporting Obama, and he was always contented with Clinton as he gave George Soros an open the door to discuss policy and gain some advantages. Probably this was the reason why this rich Democrat finally came back with a keen intention to support Hillary and a spending of eight-figures in the election campaign.

But now that, Trump has owned the election, and he will be running the White House very shortly, Soros is not going to dial back. Rather he is now moving forward to ensure that the negative consequences are kept at the minimum level. According to sources, Soros and other Democratic donors were in a meeting sponsored by the Democracy Alliance in Washington, D.C. in Mid November 2016. In that meeting, they discussed election and ways to influence the political environment in the next four years. According to Politico, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren also attended the conference which was organized by Democracy Alliance with an intention to develop a resistant strategy to prevent any negative assault on the positive achievements earned by previous governments.

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