Month: February 2017

Comparative Law in a Nutshell
It is often said that the rule of law is above everything else. Essentially, the constitution and legal system governs every aspect of a nation’s way of life. However, no constitution is perfect, and different nations have different constitutions. Nevertheless, some constitutions excel where others fail.

Comparative law is the comparison of different aspects of different constitutions. It also involves the study of different legal systems that are firmly rooted in the world: civil law, common law, socialist law, Chinese law, Islamic law, Jewish law, Hindu law, and Canon law. Comparative law as a whole is also divided into several branches including comparative civil, constitutional, administrative, commercial, and criminal law.

The Purpose of Comparative Law
Comparative law has far-reaching goals considering its scope. However, all branches of the study share three main objectives.
To start with, comparative law seeks to attain a deeper understanding of each legal system and the entire global legal network as a whole. In an increasingly globalized world, this helps in understanding international relations socially, legally, and professionally. Comparative law is already useful in international legal institutions in this aspect. For instance, the UN utilizes comparative law to analyze the legal systems of different nations regarding their obligation to treaties. See this for added info.

Comparative law also seeks to perfect the individual legal systems. Since different legal systems have their strengths and weaknesses, comparative law seeks to identify the weaknesses and provide remedies for them from other legal systems. This is often the case for emerging democracies which draft their constitutions based on the world’s leading legal systems.

Finally, according to, comparative law also works toward the unification of the world’s legal systems. This seems increasingly likely considering the global governing bodies such as the UN which are already in place. Currently initiatives started toward this end include the UNIDROIT initiative.

About Professor Sujit Choudhry
Professor Sujit Choudhry is one of the leading figures in comparative law. He conducts a wide-ranging research on comparative constitutional law. His research scopes constitutions of Jordan, South Africa, Libya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Tunisia, and Ukraine, among others. He has written and edited many books and reports regarding his research including Constitution Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?

Professor Sujit Choudhry is also the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. The institution is designed to facilitate the knowledge of constitution building by leading researches that provide evidence-based policy options for practitioners. The institution is currently leading three global research projects under the leadership of Professor Choudhry. Click and read related articles here

Jason Hope of AZ Has Some Insight On Today’s World Of Technology

Jason Hope has recently expressed that he is indeed a true believer in “The Internet of Things”. He is an entrepreneur who has made a name for himself through entrepreneurship, writing, and commentating on the most recent trends in the field of technology.

Jason Hope has written about the subject extensively, referring to the Internet of Things as being the greatest new wave of progress that has hit the technology industry. The articles that he has produced are greatly regarded as being among some of the most preeminent authorities on the direction the new forms of technology is headed towards.

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The Internet of Things pertains to connected technology which enables a variety of different devices to sync with one another. It includes devices that are utilized in daily life, such as vehicles, electronic devices, kitchen appliances, and street lights. In its very essence, the trend encapsulates devices’ capabilities of connecting through identical networks to share data for the purposes of increasing efficiency while cutting down the amount of waste that is produced. As explained by Hope, the Internet of Things has potential to change the way businesses operate and has potential to become the biggest advancements in the industry of technology for several years to come.

The Internet of Things is greatly influential, as expressed by Jason Hope. He has stated that it is most likely to be the biggest investment that will be taken on by many of the world’s largest corporations. As the global economy begins to embraces some of today’s technological advancements, it is going to be necessary for different companies to keep up with the pace of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope predicts that it is going to end up fueling a world that consists of all conceivable devices connecting with one another. His vision seems to be quite accurate as things have been going lately.

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EOS Lip Balm- Smooth and Effective

It’s easy to see why EOS Lip Balm has become so widely popular. With its innovative design features, EOS Lip Balm ( soars above its competition, and boasts many positive reviews.

Do your lips ever become dry, and/or cracked? This is a chronic, common issue in all sections of the United States; especially during winter.

While the well known lip moisturizing brand, “Chap Stick” has flooded the market with their product over the years, EOS Lip Balm has out done the brand with a few key factors, fashion appeal, and taste. Simply put, EOS Lip Balm goes above and beyond what “Chap Stick” offers. When considering different types of chap stick its important to remember a few things, including the fact that its a health experience. Your lips are important- they are critical to keep healthy. EOS Lip Balm is known to be the superior, premium brand of lip balm, and your lips deserve that.

EOS Lip Balm is also well priced. At $6, it is widely affordable and is also available at many different stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Well( While $6 is a bargain, its also important to keep in mind you’re getting more product with EOS Lip Balm than you would be getting with the “Chap Stick” brand.


Securus lures competitor into product shootout, competitor runs

Securus Technologies has established itself as the undisputed heavyweight of the prison communications industry. This title has been reinforced once again through the retiring actions of its competitor GTL. The latter has been in the habit, over the last few years, of making unsubstantiated and libelous claims regarding its competitor Securus. These have ranged from frivolous accusations of patent infringement to vapid criticisms of Securus’ ethics. Securus sought to finally put the rivalry to rest, and GTL in their place.


They quickly succeeded. GTL was offered the opportunity to put their video visitation to the test against that of Securus. They promptly refused and would not entertain any other product performance contest, ceding to Securus and tacitly admitting what everyone already knew: that their products are vastly inferior to those of their better-heeled competitor.


Securus provides more than just inmate phone calls


Yet those who still hold a view of Securus as being little more than a prison phone company should be made aware of the robust lineup of products now offered by the industry leader. These include such exotic technologies as the STINGRAY system, fresh of the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, which can detect, intercept and jam all cellular device activity within a given radius. This system has eliminated the scourge of contraband cellular devices from all prisons which have employed it, making them virtually invulnerable to illegal gang activity.


By cutting off gang communications at the source, Securus’ STINGRAY technology vastly reduces the risk of criminal conspiracies and their worst outcomes, such as organized attacks on staff or off premises hits. With such 21st century technologies, Securus is putting state-of-the-art tools in the hands of guards and administrators in their war against intramural criminal activity. These gizmos don’t just save money, they save lives.

AXA – 200 Years of Insurance and Counting

With over 200 years of experience in the insurance industry, AXA is one of the most outstanding insurers worldwide. For starters, it has won the title of the first insurance brand worldwide consecutively for eight years now. It also ranks second among the most powerful transnational corporations.


Certainly, AXA has come a long way over the centuries. Here is a brief overview of its past, present, and seemingly bright future.



AXA was founded in 1816 in France by Claude Bebear. It was originally branded The Ancienne Mutuelle, and it was not until 1985 that it changed its name to AXA. Having started as a small company, AXA acquired other companies in the industry to become one of the world’s biggest insurers. Its acquisitions over the years have included UAP, Guardian Royal Exchange, and The Equitable, among others.


Present and Future

To date, AXA is still headquartered in Paris, France, and specifically on 25 Avenue Matignon 75008. However, it has expanded over the past two centuries to offer its services worldwide. Today AXA has a significant presence in North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, the Asian Pacific region, and some parts of Africa. It has also expanded its list of services to include investment management and life, health, casualty, and property insurance.

However, AXA’s insurance activities go beyond individuals as it has demonstrated through its philanthropic activities. The corporation has formed many charities over the years including the AXA Research Fund. The research fund focuses on identifying and preventing risks to the society, environment, and human life as a whole.


AXA also seeks to empower researchers not only be funding their research but also facilitating mentorship meetings with the world’s best researchers. To this end, the corporation is poised to maintain its leading position in the industry for the foreseeable future.


About Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. He is responsible for management development, sales, recruiting and retention, and productivity. He is also tasked with the development of new and experienced professionals.


Vincent Parascandola has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. He has always been an achiever considering his numerous awards. For instance, he won the National Rookie of the Year award after working as an insurance agent during his first year in the industry. And, considering his quick rise through the ranks over the years, Vincent Parascandola has a seemingly bright future in AXA.

Cotemar Mexico Continues To Thrive As One Of Mexico’s Largest Service Company

Cotemar Mexico is a service company founded in 1979 with the aim of providing excellent services to firms that work in the oil industry. The company whose headquarters are in Campeche Mexico is one of the biggest employers and one of the largest companies in the industry. With a team of more than ten thousand employees the company has created itself a name for providing high quality service and always being on top of their values and vision. The company takes pride in their employees, who are highly trained and motivated to provide sustainable solutions and services to their clients.



Cotemar Mexico offers a wide array of services to their clients. First the company provides offshore maintenance and construction for their clients’ facilities. The company also provides specialized vessels for their clients such as luxurious boats and yachts that are used for recreational purposes. The company reconstructs their facilities to match their needs and offers transportation services to the clients for the things that they need.



The company also began offering accommodation and hospitality services to their clients and employees. They maintain hotels with recreational facilities that are intended to help them relax after long days or journey for clients and employees. They offer laundry services, swimming, basketball and gym for their clients and employees to offering these services to their employees, it feels as a form of motivation. Employees feel part of the company and therefore increases their output for being treated well.



Being in the service industry means learning how to interact with clients and also teaching and training employees the value of clients. On the other hand, the employers must also be kind to their employees as they are the ones who execute the company’s mission and goals. Thirty six years in the game and Cotemar Mexico is still one of the largest companies. Employees are trained how to interact with clients through a well-crafted core values. The company has lasted this long as the best service company due to the integrity work ethics and a sense of responsibility when it comes to the community and the environment.

A Precise Definition Of Online Reputation Management With Focus To Search Engines

Many companies operating online apply Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), but few understand what this is all about. The online reputation management industry is large and most marketers reference digital reputation management when talking about SERM. This leads to a mix since most people confuse SERM for online reputation management, which are two different areas. So, what is SERM and how does it enhance the reputation and performance of a business?

Before diving into the topic further, it is vital to understand that SERM is derived from online reputation management (ORM). There are three areas of manipulation that are mostly applied that make the two reputation management methods distinct.

As a Search Engine Journal publication explains, reputation issues emanating from Google Autocomplete, negative connotations that point to Google Suggestions and negative search results are some of the most common areas that reveal the reputation problems that come with search engines, mostly by Google.

Many careers have gone down the drain courtesy of these results, so for a brand it might mean a lot to have even a single result in the negative. The Google algorithm is autonomous and shows results based on unfiltered votes.

How to work around Google to protect your image

One of the concerns that arise due to the emergence of negative mentions is whether one can remove such results or make them invisible. Experts have studied the behavior of the algorithm and entire search engine and come up with ideas that could help save businesses. One of the methods applied in this case is the development of alternative learning that would trick Google’s algorithm to give less attention to earlier results.

When new content is created, it is then advisable to initiate user engagement. Such efforts would help to influence Google positively to ensure clients benefit more. Using on-page and off-page SEO strategies ensures you are not lumped in with reputation management companies. Search Engine Reputation Management, therefore, is dependent on online reputation management and you need to keep the latter in check to avoid falling into the need to execute the earlier, which might cost a lot in the long run.