Jason Hope – A Self-Proclaimed Futurist Acclaimed Globally

Jason Hope is one of the leading technology entrepreneurs and investors in the United States and has invested in many technology firms over the years. He is also a self-proclaimed futurist and believes in the power of technology. One of his recent focuses in the field of technology is Internet of Things technology that has swept the world of technology world over. Jason believes that the future of technology belongs to the Internet of Things technology, and says that even though its implications would be widespread in just about every sector, the aviation industry has a lot to take from it.

Jason Hope stated that the airlines having the internet of things technology would be able to report any fault in their engine and other parts accurately and immediately. It would significantly improve the safety of the passengers as well as the airlines, and provide peace of mind. It would also help save the time of the ground staff as they would be able to track exactly where the problem is and would be ready with the parts and machinery for repair before the plane arrives. The internet of things uses the Bluetooth beacon technology, which uses the small beacon stickers that can be placed anywhere without occupying much space. The customer service and other aspects of traveling via plane would also benefit tremendously with the use of Internet of Things technology.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and is associated with many leading charitable organizations. He believes that the human life can be significantly extended if research on a cellular level and that aging process can be reversed. It is because of this he donates generously to the research conducted by Sens Research Foundation. Jason Hope is based in Arizona, where he is affiliated with many social welfare foundations and charities. Jason Hope completed his graduation from the University of Arizona and went on to complete Masters in Business Administration from the W.P. Carey Business School. As a serial entrepreneur, he continues to look out for opportunities where he can invest and encourages new age entrepreneurs by funding their ideas.