How Does Eric Pulier Help Kids With Disabilities?

Eric Pulier started his career in technology helping kids with special needs. I worked in one of the schools that he helped, and he made many of our kids very happy with the work that he did. I know that he has gone on to do great things with enterprise technology that we use with the schools today, but this is where he started. This article explains how Eric Pulier has made the lives of kids much better with his innovation.


#1: Special Needs Gear


The special needs gear that has been created is perfect for kids because it helped them do specific things in school that they found difficult. I had a hard time with these kids because I knew that it would be hard for them to get through all their classes. Someone who is trying to get through a class needs resources, and I believe that there a number of kids who got through all their classes because of what Eric did.


#2: Keeping The Devices


The devices that were created for these kids were left with them, and I allowed these kids to come to every class with their devices. They were given a number of options to use these devices, and they knew that they could take these devices to college or into their lives. I am was pleased to see them get better, and I know some kids who went onto college and jobs using the things that Eric made for them.


#3: Enterprise Technology


The enterprise technology that Eric created has served many businesses and our school system. It allows them to send quite a lot of information from computers to mobile devices, and this is an outgrowth of what Eric has done for our kids. His innovation helps everyone.


There are quite a few people who are searching for ways to help kids with special needs, and Eric Pulier has created something that works for all kids. He made our school a much better place to get educated, and he allowed our students to become more successful in each class they took.