Month: July 2017

Community Banking by Innovation

John Holt is the President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc., and was recently part of a panel of experts discussing local community banking. He served as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The subject of his panel discussion was using innovation to help increase business and opportunities for community banks. The official title given to the discussion was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” and was held on November 7, 2016.

The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is a chance for professionals within the community banking industry to network together and learn about the latest concepts which are gaining traction within their industry. The event highlights both challenges and opportunities in the coming months.

One potential avenue in which banks can generate growth is through M&A activity. Mergers and Acquisitions, when they make practical business sense, can provide a potent return on investment. The conference covered this area in detail. Effective ways to increase organic growth were also given the expert’s treatment and a productive time was had by all. Branching was another major area discussed and is still a lucrative way for banks to increase revenues. Simply providing more locations to increase the customer base is a positive way forward for many community banks.

Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas Tx. and is growing at a steady pace. They provide financial services in three primary categories, commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. They regularly work with large corporations, real estate investors, and middle-market companies as well.

The strategic vision for Nexbank is provided by their CEO John Holt. He oversees the financial and operational performance of Nexbank which has been strong and expansive. They currently operate with over $5.3 billion in assets and are one of the largest banks in Dallas.


Clay Siegall: The History of Seattle Genetics

The beginning of Seattle Genetics starts with its founder, Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall was once a college student facing something too many people face; watching a family member struggle with cancer. In Dr. Siegall’s case, this was before the modernization and advancement of cancer treatment therapies.

He watched his loved one nearly die, not from cancer, but from their chemotherapy. After so many brutal treatments of chemo, they developed severe anemia. For Siegall, it was a wake-up call. He immediately began looking for other treatments. Sadly, all he found was radical surgery and amputation.

Realizing the harsh reality many face, Dr. Siegall dedicated himself to creating better therapy drugs and treatments. In 1998, Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics and now serves as CEO. His biotech firm specializes in developing targeted therapy drugs for specific disease types. Many of the diseases they focus on haven’t seen significant mortality improvements in decades.

When the firm first opened, it was run by a skeleton crew of researchers. Today, Seattle Genetics is the apex of the targeted therapy industry. It’s also a well-respected power player in cancer research. Seattle Genetics is predicted to lead the entire industry into the 21st century with authority.

It’s obvious that his team of researchers is the stars of the company. Surprisingly, so is the sales staff. If it weren’t for the sale staff, his firm would’ve failed long ago. No matter how astonishing their drug development results are, the sales staff makes it possible for Seattle Genetics to succeed.

Especially in the beginning, the sales staff kept the company alive. The first three years were incredibly dicey. Their operating capital was depleted, and it looked like they weren’t going to make it. So, Dr. Siegall dedicated his entire staff to staying focus and pulling through.

In the end, that’s what makes Seattle Genetics successful. It’s a personal belief of Siegall’s that hard work is the determining factor in whether a company succeeds. No matter how smart someone is, hard work equals success.


Roberto Santiago Shares His Real Estate Vision

Roberto Santiago is a very important player in the Brazilian commercial real estate industry. He has been able to foresee a vision that many other entrepreneurs may not have considered in Brazil. Roberto Santiago has been the person that has been in place to actually create a whole new way for shoppers to enjoy themselves at the Manaira Mall.


There is definitely a great amount of praise for what Roberto Santiago has done because he is such a visionary. No one else that was working in commercial real estate in Brazil had a plan for a mall that would contain an amusement park. This is a mind-blowing thing to tourists that come to visit Brazil when they are on vacation. So many people are in awe of what Roberto Santiago has done when it comes to building a much better shopping experience.


Many people would go as far as saying that Roberto Santiago has created an all inclusive environment that gives shoppers everything that they could possibly dream of when they go out to look for clothes, shoes and a little entertainment.


The average person that goes out to shop is typically going to look for something to eat somewhere during the course of the day. Roberto Santiago was aware of this and that is why he made a huge food court that would give people a lot of choices when it came to their dining inside of the Manaira Mall.


He was smart in realizing that there was a need for a large food court for a mall of this size. He knew that people of all different races and nationalities would make their way to this mall when they were visiting Brazil. He wanted to make sure that all the various visitors were going to have access to a wide assortment of shopping options.


Roberto Santiago is proving that he has a unique vision for commercial real estate. In addition to the huge food court that he created there was also a lot of praise for his vision to create a magnificent bowling alley and game room. This is what a lot of teenagers and young adults are attracted to when they come to this mall.


Roberto Santiago made sure that he captured the attention of a diverse age group by creating things like this. There’s also an amusement park that has rides available for children and adults. The consumers that are part of a big family will take interest in this amusement park because it gives a family the chance to shop together and play together all without leaving this mall. Roberto Santiago definitely had a great vision, and he has even more commercial real estate dreams.


How Roberto Santiago’s Businesses have facilitated the Economy of Joao Pessoa

Manaira Shopping is the busiest business center in Paraiba state and is also recognized among the country’s biggest shopping malls. Customers like the place due to the broad array of products and services that it offers. The facilities that are housed at Manaira include a food court, a concert hall, a theater, a gaming zone, a college, banking institutions, and a couple of shopping stores. The mall is visited by thousands of shoppers daily.

Roberto Santiago is one of the Joao Pessoa’s wealthy businessmen. He was born and raised in the Brazilian city, and he has been an entrepreneur from his teenage years. Roberto Santiago has accumulated his wealth from various businesses that he established. He once ran a café in Santa Rosa and later founded a cartonnage company that dealt with designing and manufacturing products from cardboards. The business distributed its decorative products to different host firms that were located in the city. Roberto made his first investment in the real estate industry in 1987 when he kicked off the construction of Manaira Shopping. The building took about two years to be completed and has been serving the residents of the city since 1987. Hundreds of the thousands of shoppers consider the place as the best shopping mall. Santiago specialized in business administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Read more articles on

The mall’s concert hall is known as the Domus Hall, and it was developed on its rooftop in 2009. The size of the room can accommodate approximately 10,000 people or 4000 seats. The events that can be hosted at the hall include weddings, conferences, art exhibitions, concerts, and different types of ceremonies. Domus Hall has two stories. The ground floor is the most spacious and is used for hosting significant public events while the upper one is for holding small private events. The place is ideal for holding music concerts since it has excellent acoustics and sound equipment.

The facilities that have been installed at the Manaira Shopping Mall are very modern. The customers are entertained at its gaming zone and theaters. The gaming area has a spacious electronic amusement park and an excellent bowling alley. It also has a food court that comprises of fast foods and lavish eateries such as Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, and Espacio Gourmet. These restaurants enable the shoppers to access the best foods depending on their budget and appetite.

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Several renowned shopping stores have established branches at Manaira Shopping, and they allow customers to access different types of products. Shoppers can access household commodities, stationary, furniture, sports, gear, clothing, and many other products. Millions of city residents and tourists have visited the mall in the past two and a half decades due to its excellent cuisine and entertainment. Different communities across the city have also benefited from the Domus Hall since they use it for nurturing talents.

Beneful is Full of Good Taste and Good Nutrition

Beneful is an interesting name, and some may wonder what it means. The Beneful dog food brand is produced by Nestle Purina Petcare, and is named to indicate the nutritional value packed into each bite. Beneful means “full of goodness,” and that goodness doesn’t just describe the taste but also the high quality ingredients that are good for your pet.

Purina ensures the quality of each product by conducting 30,000 quality checks throughout the production process in a typical 24-hour period. They understand what ingredients dogs need for a well-balanced diet, and include real meats, vegetables and whole grains in their products. AAFCO labeled Beneful’s dog foods as 100% complete and balanced to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Each Beneful product provides all the amino acids and nutrients your dog needs in order to be healthy and happy.

You can be confident when choosing one of Beneful’s products that you are indeed providing your beloved pet food that is “full of goodness.” Check out Beneful’s website to see the full range of dry and wet dog foods, and dog snacks. Beneful offers foods specifically formulated for puppies, senior dogs, and every other life stage and preference. To know more click here.

Whitney Wolfe Gets People Pumped About Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is all about dating app innovation. She created a Bumble meeting room for socializing that is going to make it easier for people in New York to connect with one another. She is in the experimental phase with this at the moment. If this works in New York she has plans to try in other areas as well. This is a very smart idea for Whitney Wolfe.

It shows that she is not afraid to step outside the boundaries of what is considered the norm. She wants to do more than what the rest of the dating app world is doing. She wanted to show people that she had something better in store, and it appears that more people are going to gravitate towards her work with Bumble because she has put a considerable amount of time into it.

Whitney Wolfe is capable of bringing new concepts to the dating app world, and people should be excited to see what she is doing next. She is always trying something new. She is working on expanding her company that is known as Bumble into a company that also caters to users that are interested in networking or simply making friends. Whitney Wolfe realizes that social media can be a very exciting thing, but any app that stays stagnant will become outdated. The youth of today are very fickle, and Whitney Wolfe realizes that she has to stay on top of innovative concepts in order to keep people coming back to Bumble. She realizes that more people will gravitate towards the site if it provides something that is new and exciting. That is why the idea to put women in charge was such a hit. Whitney Wolfe presented something that had not been shown in the app world before. It provided people with a blueprint for a new way to interact through dating apps. Whitney Wolfe may not have set out to be a trendsetter, but she certainly became one. The Bumble app has become one of the hottest dating apps on the east coast and the buzz is spreading.

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Eric Lefkofsky Uses Data to Help Cure Cancer

Tempus co-founder Eric Lefkofsky planned to be done starting businesses. Lefkofsky has already co-founded Groupon, as well as a number of other technology companies. After leaving his job as Groupon CEO, he plans to do something different.

Everything changed when his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer. After going with her to treatments and consultations with doctors, Lefkofsky realized how little information is available for doctors to work with when treating cancer. He felt that all available data about cancer should be in one place, so that doctors could easily consult it and make an informed decision. It occurred to Lefkofsky that this was a problem he knew how to solve, and Tempus was born.

Along with his business partner, Brad Keywell, Lefkofsky began by forming partnerships health organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago. Oncologists at these organizations sent their patients to Lefkofsky and Keywell, who built a library of patient information and created an operating system that doctors could use to access it. They plan to grow their data library as much as they can. This way doctors can find patients with the same specific mutations as their current patients, and look at what treatments have worked in the past in order to make informed decisions for more info: click here.

Lefkofsky has a major advantage with Tempus. Unlike similar companies, Tempus doesn’t need to rely on any outside funding. Lefkofsky’s net worth is $1.7 billion, and he has funded Tempus completely on his own. Eric Lefkofsky believes this is the most important work he’s ever done, and is willing to invest as much as it takes to keep Tempus alive and self-sufficient.

Lefkofsky has started many Eric Lefkofsky successful businesses before this one. The best-known is Groupon. He is also co-founder of Uptake Technologies, MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. These are all successful technology companies.

Lefkofsky was actively involved in helping others even before starting Tempus. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which he started with Elizabeth, works to advance important programs and research that impact the world. He is also a Trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.