How Roberto Santiago’s Businesses have facilitated the Economy of Joao Pessoa

Manaira Shopping is the busiest business center in Paraiba state and is also recognized among the country’s biggest shopping malls. Customers like the place due to the broad array of products and services that it offers. The facilities that are housed at Manaira include a food court, a concert hall, a theater, a gaming zone, a college, banking institutions, and a couple of shopping stores. The mall is visited by thousands of shoppers daily.

Roberto Santiago is one of the Joao Pessoa’s wealthy businessmen. He was born and raised in the Brazilian city, and he has been an entrepreneur from his teenage years. Roberto Santiago has accumulated his wealth from various businesses that he established. He once ran a café in Santa Rosa and later founded a cartonnage company that dealt with designing and manufacturing products from cardboards. The business distributed its decorative products to different host firms that were located in the city. Roberto made his first investment in the real estate industry in 1987 when he kicked off the construction of Manaira Shopping. The building took about two years to be completed and has been serving the residents of the city since 1987. Hundreds of the thousands of shoppers consider the place as the best shopping mall. Santiago specialized in business administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Read more articles on

The mall’s concert hall is known as the Domus Hall, and it was developed on its rooftop in 2009. The size of the room can accommodate approximately 10,000 people or 4000 seats. The events that can be hosted at the hall include weddings, conferences, art exhibitions, concerts, and different types of ceremonies. Domus Hall has two stories. The ground floor is the most spacious and is used for hosting significant public events while the upper one is for holding small private events. The place is ideal for holding music concerts since it has excellent acoustics and sound equipment.

The facilities that have been installed at the Manaira Shopping Mall are very modern. The customers are entertained at its gaming zone and theaters. The gaming area has a spacious electronic amusement park and an excellent bowling alley. It also has a food court that comprises of fast foods and lavish eateries such as Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, and Espacio Gourmet. These restaurants enable the shoppers to access the best foods depending on their budget and appetite.

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Several renowned shopping stores have established branches at Manaira Shopping, and they allow customers to access different types of products. Shoppers can access household commodities, stationary, furniture, sports, gear, clothing, and many other products. Millions of city residents and tourists have visited the mall in the past two and a half decades due to its excellent cuisine and entertainment. Different communities across the city have also benefited from the Domus Hall since they use it for nurturing talents.