Roberto Santiago Shares His Real Estate Vision

Roberto Santiago is a very important player in the Brazilian commercial real estate industry. He has been able to foresee a vision that many other entrepreneurs may not have considered in Brazil. Roberto Santiago has been the person that has been in place to actually create a whole new way for shoppers to enjoy themselves at the Manaira Mall.


There is definitely a great amount of praise for what Roberto Santiago has done because he is such a visionary. No one else that was working in commercial real estate in Brazil had a plan for a mall that would contain an amusement park. This is a mind-blowing thing to tourists that come to visit Brazil when they are on vacation. So many people are in awe of what Roberto Santiago has done when it comes to building a much better shopping experience.


Many people would go as far as saying that Roberto Santiago has created an all inclusive environment that gives shoppers everything that they could possibly dream of when they go out to look for clothes, shoes and a little entertainment.


The average person that goes out to shop is typically going to look for something to eat somewhere during the course of the day. Roberto Santiago was aware of this and that is why he made a huge food court that would give people a lot of choices when it came to their dining inside of the Manaira Mall.


He was smart in realizing that there was a need for a large food court for a mall of this size. He knew that people of all different races and nationalities would make their way to this mall when they were visiting Brazil. He wanted to make sure that all the various visitors were going to have access to a wide assortment of shopping options.


Roberto Santiago is proving that he has a unique vision for commercial real estate. In addition to the huge food court that he created there was also a lot of praise for his vision to create a magnificent bowling alley and game room. This is what a lot of teenagers and young adults are attracted to when they come to this mall.


Roberto Santiago made sure that he captured the attention of a diverse age group by creating things like this. There’s also an amusement park that has rides available for children and adults. The consumers that are part of a big family will take interest in this amusement park because it gives a family the chance to shop together and play together all without leaving this mall. Roberto Santiago definitely had a great vision, and he has even more commercial real estate dreams.