The Only Full-Service Agency in Austin, TX: The Brown Agency

Becoming a Successful Model in Austin, TX

Looking to break into the world of modeling in Austin. TX? Yes, it is possible. While New York City and Los Angeles are known as the main modeling hubs in the United States, they sure aren’t the only places successful models are found. The Brown Agency launched in Austin,TX in 2010. Currently, they are helping models establish themselves in the world of fashion entertainment from the heart of Texas with Dallas, TX as its original home and headquarters.

Origin of The Brown Agency

Brown Modeling Agency is appropriately titled after Owner and Founder Justin Brown. This agency was launched once Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South merged forces. This made The Brown Agency the only full-service agency in Austin, TX and one of a handful of full-service agencies in the state of Texas itself.

More About the Owner

Justin Brown decided he would start an agency while he was in college majoring in Business Management. He made $100 an hour fit modeling (when designers use your live body measurements to design their sample, showroom and runway clothing) on the side and realized there was a world of opportunity in the market. Shortly after Justin Brown’s graduation, he set to start his own agency with his strong first-person insight on how to build relationships and make the most out of any modeling opportunity. He took his modeling career seriously and he feels like it now helps him to relate to the models he directs and employs.

What type of client casting calls may you attend with The Brown Agency?

According to Market Wired, as a full-service film, The Brown Agency finds models commercial, runway, print, editorial, look book work and more. Your work type will very on your image and city. Our agency also has offices in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles so your jobs will not be limited to Austin, TX alone and you may also be presented with the opportunity to travel! Some of our past clients include Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oréal!

Location wise, Justin Brown admits that work will vary. As of lately, Austin has been demanding a hip, cool and alternative look. Austin loves new age models who push the limits with tattoos, extreme hair and a backstory. Dallas, however, tends to stay more traditional as it requests a commercial “girl next door” look.

If you’re interested in joining the only full-service modeling firm in Austin, TX then The Brown Agency is right for you. What starts in Austin could take you anywhere, take it from us!

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