Eric Pulier’s Ascent to Tech Entrepreneurial Leadership

Eric Pulier has become something of a folk hero in the tech world. He started out small in the ’90s as someone who dabbled in the medicinal educational tech fields before ultimately expanding, re-branding, and cementing himself as an industry game changer. Pulier has done a lot in his career as he has founded 15 different companies and helped to raise millions of dollars for various ventures. Pulier’s work largely stands for itself but it never hurts to analyze his career and see what he could possibly be up to next.

For starters, Eric Pulier has leaned on education his entire career in order to make him the person that he is today. Pulier was born in a small neighborhood in New Jersey where he was raised to love technology. Pulier loved tech so much that he was programming computers in fourth grade and running his own computer company before graduating high school in 1984. After New Jersey Pulier would move on to attend Harvard where he would study just about everything while working as the editor for the Harvard Crimson — the school’s paper.

All of that education helped Pulier cement himself as a well-learned and focused individual. He was able to transition to Los Angeles in 1992 where he would start his first company — People Doing Things. This company helped launch Pulier’s career but it would be far from his greatest achievement. Pulier’s greatest success likely his work with the foundation, XPrize.

The XPrize Foundation has played an integral role in inciting passion and excitement in young entrepreneurs of every level. The goal of the XPrize Foundation is to push tech groups into developing game changing products with the best products winning some serious prizes. XPrize does great things every year and that has put Pulier on top of the radar.

Above all else Pulier has been intensely focused on helping others. Pulier has partnered with the Painted Turtle Summer Camp and Starbright World in order to lend his money and expertise toward their causes. Both Painted Turtle and Starbright World are focused on helping children who suffer from chronic illness.

About Eric Pulier: