Sheldon Lavin: OSI’s shrewd businessman

For the last forty years, Sheldon Lavin entered the meat industry. Before turning his focus onto the meat industry, he was a well established successful investor and also held an executive position within the banking industry. Sheldon Lavin attributes his long history of success to his winning mindset and his continual climbing the ladder of success in the business world. Sheldon Lavin is now the chief executive officer and chairman of the OSI Group. It was unclear at the beginning if Sheldon Lavin was going to succeed in meat industry. OSI Group is best known for being one the main providers of burgers for McDonalds. Sheldon Lavin joined the company and took it to new heights and increased the company’s power as a global supplier of food products to many international companies.

Sheldon Lavin has grown the OSI Group into a company with more than 20,000 employees all over the world, making worldwide powerhouse. To negate the lack of Sheldon Lavin being able to connect with all employes, he’s created a family-oriented culture. In 1975, Sheldon Lavin had become greater involved in the company as it expanded to unreached markets including South America, Taiwan, and South Africa. Sheldon Lavin continues to do his work at the incredible age of 81. Sheldon Lavin continues to expand OSI Group throughout Europe and Asia, while also contributing to several charities including the Ronald McDonald House.

Sheldon Lavin recently was awarded the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. The award is given to those who turn their dreams into realities through persistence and perserverance. Sheldon Lavin has guided the OSI Group into a multibillion dollar industry leader with over 60 locations in 16 countries. An OSI Group subsidiary operates in eight locations throughout India and offers processing meat, fruit and vegetables. Sheldon Lavin also received the Globe of Honor Award given by the British Safety Council, for being the best company in health, safety and environmental management. Sheldon Lavin continues to grow OSI Group and is expected to receive many more awards as he perfects the business model of the company.

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