NuoDB SQL Database Technology

The NuoDB database might very well be described as a management system that runs in the cloud and features distributing deployment throughout the cloud. SQL transactions are employed by NuoDB.

NuoDB falls in the category of NewSQL databases that feature SQL characteristics and also perform scale-out processing inside cloud environments. ACID compliance is run by NuoDB so that it guarantees consistency of every transaction at the time when application programs access SQL statements when talking to NuoDB.

NuoDB features triple-tier structuring for the SQL database, for administrative, transactional and also storage tiers. NuoDB processes data for all SQL databases by breaking the information down into “atoms” (software object). NuoDB provides a “durable distributed cache” within the SQL database and uses a set of in-memory caches with the goal of making elasticity possible inside the cloud and also ensuring that all data objects are correctly and safely stored nor lost. NuoDB provides solutions to find conflicts and other issues in a multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) environment. NuoDB does peer-to-peer communication that isn’t needed to occur simultaneously.

NuoDB 1.0 became available to the public on January of 2013. NuoDB Inc. is constantly developing and commercializing NuoDB software. Jim Starkley was the very first lead architect at NuoDB and he retired in 2012. Jim Starkley now provides advice about the best strategies to NuoDB Inc.