Rich Smith Directs the Next Steps for Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies, a provider of inmate communications solutions. He joined Securus sometime after leaving Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 2003, where he served as CEO. Before that he was with Frontier Corporation in operations, business development and IT. He was president of Securus until 1014 and promoted to CEO in May of 2014. Under his direction Securus is poised to make great strides in inmate, law enforcement and public safety investigations, communications, corrections and monitoring.

  1. Smith has an MBA from the University of Rochester and a Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo. That education coupled with his extensive work experience is contributing to his masterful direction of Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies recently released Guarded Exchange, the manned use of new technology that is sweeping the prison system. Special agents are trained to spot suspicious activities in deposits, videos, emails and phone calls between inmates and their family and friends. Their latest monitoring technology has been directly responsible for cracking down of illicit acts behind the prison walls. Illicit cell phones have been commandeered. Rouge security officers have been caught distributing contraband. Important details about past and future criminal acts have been revealed.Prison personnel credit Securus Technologies with improvements in their system of operating. Technology updates have reduced the need for prisoners to be escorted from one location to another. It has cut down of the instances of prison fights and consequently inmate injuries resulting from those fights.Securus Technologies has a group of monitoring devices that are often employed to monitor enrollees to lessen overcrowding in correction facilities.

These monitoring devices are worn around the ankle and they report where the enrollee is at any time. Blutag, Blu+ and BluBand are either GPS or devices emitting an RF signal so the enrollee is to be less able to harm the public. They also produced a product called SoberTrack, which is a hand-held device the enrollee blows in to measure his alcohol consumption. These tests are random, keeping the enrollee unprepared.Securus not only keeps us safer by employing various monitoring services, they also encourage inmate communications with loved ones. It is a known fact that inmates who continue to interact with parents and children tend to be less likely to commit a crime when they are released. Securus has established some of the best communications systems between inmates and their families. Advance Connect is an inmate calling card that family can put money on so the inmate can call home when he needs to wish a family member a happy birthday, congratulations or extend sympathy wishes. Video conferencing between family and inmates rather than driving to the prison is also a new technology Securus has made available to the prisoners.Rick Smith at the helm of Securus Technologies is instituting great changes to the prison monitoring systems. He is also improving communications between inmates and their loved ones. Hopefully, the imperfect prison system will continue to improve under the educated and experienced direction of Rick Smith.