NuoDB and its Potential.

NuoDB is a cloud database founded in 2008 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It specializes in cloud computing with an SQL cloud database. This allows for data to be saved remotely and accessed from any computer within the network, reducing the hassle of needing to keep track of what information is saved where. Their software uses a tiered approach, using multiple tiers within the cloud to ensure the data stored there remains safe, with redundant copies in case one of them ends up becoming corrupted or otherwise compromised. NuoDB is working closely with IBM to ensure their database software remains up to date and secure, allowing its customers to feel confident in their choice of cloud database software. It stands without saying that cloud computing is going to become more and more vital as technology continues to improve, so it is good to see that companies such as NuoDB are doing their part to ensure that the software continues to evolve at the same pace as the technology that will be putting it to use. It will be interesting to see what this company will do in the future, as a leading company in the vital field of cloud computing.