Health and Wellness Motivator Logan Stout

Dedicated to motivating, mentoring and educating people on health and wellness, Logan Stout started his business called ID Life in 2014. Stout, who is a former pro athlete, said that he started the company because nutrition has always been an important part of his life. ID Life is a direct sales company that has a line of nutritional or dietary supplements that help people maintain their health by fighting off the side effects of prescription medications and restoring the nutrients that the body needs in order to function at a healthy level.

On top of being a motivational speaker, Logan Stout is also a best selling author who in 2013 wrote the book called Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams, which was meant to inspire people who read it to strive to reach their true potential. He has made several appearances on TV and radio shows, as well as at other events where his motivational and coaching skills could be used. He’s expressed that he’s always had a strong desire to help people from all backgrounds find success in reaching their goals.

He is also the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, where he mentors youth. In addition to that, he and his wife, Haley, are connected to the Boys and Girls Club and the American Heart Association in their home state of Texas. They are the founders of the Youth Athletes Foundation, as well as other charities. By operating these types of organizations, he has devoted himself to helping youth build leadership skills.

Stout, who was born in Richardson, Texas, earned a business degree from Panola College, and a Psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He played baseball in college, then went on to play professionally when he joined a minor league team called The Fort Worth Cats. When he started his ID Life business in 2014, he partnered with Troy Aikman, who is a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback. His other partners are Jen Wilderstom and billionaire Darwin Deason.

By 2016, ID Life had made the top 100 list when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing companies, and the business is continuing to grow at a steady rate. Logan, who now lives in Frisco, Texas, along with his wife and two sons, continues his passion of motivating, coaching, and writing inspirational books, as well as selling his ID Life nutritional supplements to help people become proactive in attaining better health. To know more about him click here.