Now Oncotarget Is Publishing Two Issues Each Week

Now Oncotarget can be found in PubMed along with several other scientific research indexes as well as archives. Oncotarget is an open-access journal. This bio-medical journal is now publishing two issues each week. Oncotarget is a distinguished multidisciplinary journal. It will be providing all its scientific publications on PubMed, as well as PubMed Central, besides ISI/Web of Science: Science Citation Index Expanded. These will also be available on Scopus, and Biological Abstracts, besides BIOSIS Previews, as well as EMBASE. Now Oncotarget has cooperated with National Library of Medicine in order to become the first bio-medical research journal that has managed to submit a complete issue to PubMed within days of being published online. Oncotarget is working in close proximity with all those high profile scientific indexes along with archives in order to make the scientific results in a fast manner.

It would be widely and easily available to various medical field researchers, as well as practitioners, besides the general public. Now it would like to accelerate its indexing processes. This is why it would be publishing two issues each week.The page, as well as issue numbers, are assigned. These would now appear permanently in PubMed. It was just last week that Volume 8 Issues 31-34 had appeared on PubMed. This week, Volume 8 Issues 35-36 are getting processed by National Library of Medicine.This is a peer-reviewed bio-medical journal. Oncotarget covers research on various aspects of oncology. It is publishing several sub-sections on many topics that range much beyond oncology now. These include Aging, Immunology along with Microbiology, and Autophagy. Other topics being covered include Pathology, Chromosomes and much more. Since 2010, Oncotarget has published seven volumes, which means 324 issues. Now Oncotarget is in its eighth volume. Every paper that is published gets a direct object identifier (DOI). Oncotarget is applying all the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to all those works which are published by it.

Oncotarget is well-aware that it has to meet all the challenges of the 21st century. Hence its mission is to be a scholarly journal that would be known for its rapid dissemination of bio-medical research. Oncotarget is considered to be a journal for scientists by the scientists. It is considered as a resource that will assist all researchers as they contribute to the progress of science. It believes that together it will be possible to achieve a life that will be without any kind of diseases.This is a multidisciplinary traditional journal. It provides free access to all. It is publishing papers online. The mission of Oncotarget is to provide scientific results in a rapid manner. Besides, it likes to make it widely available. It would like to provide an insightful review that would maximize the impact of research. This would help in removing the borders between various biomedical specialties. This journal fosters applying the basic and clinical sciences in order to fight diseases. It is being led by a number of prominent scientists. In this way, Oncotarget is helping researchers contribute to science and its progress.