Rocketship Education Schools for Academic Excellence

Everyone wants their children to have a good life in the future. You can only realize this through the proper educational background. So you will agree with me that where you take your child to school is very important.

There are many schools out there offering education, but which one would be the best? Each parent will agree with me that the best educational institution is one that gives the best academic plans and results at a lower cost. That is why you need to know about Rocketship Education charter schools.


Rocketship Education is a group of elementary public charter schools with their headquarters in the Redwood City of California. The today’s dominant network of schools was an idea of two professionals, Preston Smith and John Danner.

They founded the Rocketeer in 2007. The school was started mainly for the low-income families plus the English language learners of San Jose, California.

From its inception to date, merely ten years-span, Rocketship has expanded into over 25 schools spread across different cities.

Rocketship Education schools have branches in cities like San Jose, Redwood City, Concord California, Nashville, Milwaukee, Washington DC and many others.

What makes us stand out?

With thousands of other state schools out there, we decided to be unique in a way. At Rocketship Education, we blend adaptive software with the learning model to better our students’ achievements. We value traditions, and that is why we include traditional teachings in our system.

Since we aim at making no profits, we are the best providers of quality education at low costs, the only alternative to the low-earning families. We are looking forward to realizing the San Jose’s dream of being a land of opportunities.

Our community involvement approach has given us a stable standing ground. We involve our parents in everything we do in the school. We even provide them with a chance to interview teachers before they are appointed to work for us.

That way, the parents decide whom to handle their children. The involvement gives them a sense of ownership, and they fight for the school as their own. We aim at improving the communities where our schools are located academic-wise by sending as many students to college as possible.

Our collective work and good scores attracted Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, his wife P. Chan and The Obama Foundation fund to fund our course. People believe in us.

Our students learn through computers, and this reduces the operational costs.

Rocketship Education values the lives of the people of America. We want to bring to reality “The American Dream.” We are already halfway into this. Our students who have passed through us are showing excellence performance.

The communities are happy and supportive, as well as the education boards. We are the best in our days. Educate your child at Rocketship Education schools, and you will be sure of an innovative self-reliant child for the future.