Why OVME Is Called By That Name

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME. It is currently really the only nationwide brand of its kind. What it does is offer Botox injections via house calls. It is like Uber in that you can log into their app and get a freelance practitioner to come to your home and give you a Botox injection. Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he can grow the business to around twenty-five million dollars over the next five years. He originally wanted to call it Face Medical but was unable to trademark that term. He called it OVME, which sounds like of me, meaning that the focus of his business is about the user and their experience.

Dr. Mark McKenna had a robust medical education. He was also an experienced entrepreneur and businessman. However, he realized that he wanted to brush up his formal education in business, so he decided to get an 18 month MBA in entrepreneurship after selling his previous business, Shape Med. He did this in 2014, and it prepared him for launching OVME.

Dr. McKenna said that being an entrepreneur is in his DNA. He says that his parents were great role models for this. His father is a surgeon, and his mother owns a publishing company. He never worked for anyone else, and he can not imagine doing so. He believes that some people are born with entrepreneurship in their DNA, although environmental factors certainly do play a role.

Before Hurricane Katrina struck, Dr. Mark McKenna owned a flourishing real estate business. In fact, he had several businesses in the real estate market doing different things. He had a mortgage company and a small title firm. He employed over fifty people.

Hurricane Katrina devastated properties. His cash flow trickled to nothing. His employees became scattered across the US. He was underinsured. However, he learned a huge lesson as an entrepreneur.

He eventually moved to Atlanta with his girlfriend. He started Shape Med with the money he had left over from his New Orleans real estate business.

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