George Soros: His Funds, His Philosophies and His Donation

His name is George Soros and he is one of the wealthiest men in the world. In October of 2017 he has given $18 billion dollars of his wealth to fund his organizations Open Society Foundation (OSF). This donation to an organization is the world’s second largest behind Bill Gates. Soros’s massive wealth has helped to finance OSF well into the future. Let’s take closer look at George Soros, OSF and his philanthropic work for this organization.

First, we’ll discuss George Soros. He is a man who has lived for the greater part of the 20th century. He was born in 1930 and lived a very remarkable life. George Soros was originally born in Budapest, Hungary. He was born into a stable family and his father was a well-to-do lawyer. By the time Soros turned 13, the Nazis had taken over Hungary.

This was a very crucial moment in the life Soros because the experiences that he gained during this period impacted his life forever. Soros’s family were Jewish people. At one point during the Nazi occupation, Soros had to pass out deportation notices to his fellow Jewish people.

His father quickly had him removed from this job. However, Soros’s family had to live as Christians to avoid Nazi persecution. Soros had many other adventures and real-life scares during that time. He even survived the siege of Budapest which was a fierce conflict between the Russians and Germans over the fate of Hungary.

Eventually Soros’s father got them to safety and the war was over. World War II ended in 1945 and Soros went on living life. This time around his family had relocated to London, England. Soros eventually went on to complete high school and then he went to college. While in college, he discovered a political theory under a great 20th century philosopher known as Karl Popper. Popper had introduced a political theory known as open societies. This theory resonated with Soros’s soul.

Soros adopted this political ideology and it would influence his decisions toward politics for the rest of his life. Soros is an investor by trade. That was his major when he went to school. He spent nearly 50 years of his life perfecting his knowledge and experience in this field. He was very successful in his line of work. He netted over one billion dollars in the 90s and by the 2000s he started to remove himself away from business and focused more into politics.

The Open Society Foundations is designed to help liberal political and social organizations to stay afloat. OSF provides funding to these organizations as long as they endorse and support the tenants of an open society. Many conservative organizations, groups and individuals believe that Soros’s “demonized” his philanthropic organization by making such a huge donation. In other words, they feel like he should not have been allowed to give so much money to the left or their cause. As of 2017, George Soros is 87 years old. This man knows that the supporters of liberalism need money to keep societies open and free.