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Market America’s UnFranchise Business Model Celebrates Worldwide Success

Market America celebrated its 25th anniversary in August 2017. In its early years it was described as a fast-growing one-to-one sales and marketing company. In its initial stages reviewers were skeptical of the business model. Market America’s unique business model, however, has not only survived for 25+ years but it has grown from a local North Carolina company to an international company with offices all over the world, 3 million Preferred Customers and 180,000 Shop Consultants worldwide. “This has been 25 years in the making and we’re just getting started.” affirms JR Ridinger, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Indeed, Direct Selling News in 2017 ranked the company as #27 in its ranking of the DSN Global 100 companies.

The company’s mission is to provide a system for entrepreneurs to create an ongoing income. For those entrepreneurs who are looking at franchise opportunities but are deterred by the prohibitive cost of entry, Market America and its “UnFranchise Business” model is highly accessible and do-able. Those who have been with the profitable company for many years as well as business reviewers remark that it is one of the few places where you can enter the business on a part-time basis.

Sales and business training is a key component of the support offered to those who enlist as Unfranchise Business owners. Fundamentals to succeeding in the business are taught with online videos making it easy for someone new to grasp the essentials of serving customers and making money in the model. Its website has a section dedicated to its Millionaire’s Club and Power Profiles. The Power Profiles contain first person accounts of how pleased they are with their association with Market America, how much they enjoy the flexibility of their lifestyles, as well as the ease of entry into the business compared to other business opportunities. A popular entrepreneur quote making its rounds on Pinterest and entrepreneur sites is as follows: “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”. That anonymous quote sums up the happiness and pride of the UnFranchise Business Owners partnered with Market America.

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Betsy DeVos Keys in on Education Reform.

An examination of the current political climate requires a close look at the appointments of new President, Donald Trump. President Trump rode a wave of nationalism into the White House and he also made ‘outsider perspective’ a key aspect of his campaign. In order to fulfill his promises to bring a fresh perspective to D.C., President Trump has been appointing political novices to integral positions at the highest levels of the United States government. One of those positions was the Secretary of Education, the highest post in the land for government involvement in education. That spot was filled by Michigan Republican Chairwoman Betsy DeVos. When DeVos took the position and was summarily confirmed, she did so knowing that the path ahead of her would be rocky and tough to battle through. Let’s look at what DeVos has done so far in her work and what she is aiming to do before it is all said and done.


When rising up the political ranks, people typically accrue a reputation along the way. Betsy DeVos is no different from the rest of the pack in this regard. Betsy DeVos has been a stout Republican in the state of Michigan for her entire political career, even if she has never held an official office. Instead, DeVos has gamely worked toward becoming a name in the reformation of the education system. DeVos is probably most well known for her relationship with the school choice movement. School choice is a concept built on the works of Milton Friedman’s writings from nearly fifty years ago. School choice argues for more parental control of educational choices and less involvement by way of the government.


As a devout reformer, Betsy DeVos has never shied away from taking on a position that may be unpopular with her peers. DeVos is a Republican through-and-through but she does not let that prevent her from acting according to her gut, her morals, and her faith. That is why DeVos won brownie points early on in her job as Secretary of Education when she got ahead of President Trump’s decision to rescind protections for transgender students in school. DeVos privately fought President Trump on the decision and she even went out of her way to warn LGBT representatives before the announcement was officially made. This shows both the power and the confidence of Betsy DeVos, even though she is a newcomer to Washington D.C. she is still willing to go toe to toe with the biggest and heaviest hitters in the room.


As the Secretary of Education, you can rest assured that DeVos will continue to work toward reforming the government’s role in education. As a private citizen, DeVos worked tirelessly to bring school choice to the masses. Through her hard work, she helped to spread school choice to more than 17 states, 33 institutions, and 250,000 students. With a federal reach, we can only assume that Betsy DeVos will have even more of an impact in her efforts regarding the fascinating subject. Learn more:

Aloha Construction for Greater Projects

If your home is in need of good-quality construction or renovation work, it is time to contact Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction has been in business for over a decade and has been a wonderful asset to those living in Illinois. Their two offices throughout the state make them a prime option for those who do not want to spend more money just to have a company get to their home to do the work. If you feel it is time to get renovation work done on a budget, Aloha Construction is the company that you should be choosing for yourself.

The reason you might want to consider renovation work is because it helps your home to look better and function more appropriately. Also, you will find that renovating your home adds value to it, so that it is a lot easier for you to sell the property for the price that you need and want. Aloha Construction has all of the tools and skills necessary to get the job done, so this is a wonderful option for when you need to make changes to your own property. Once you make the decision to hire the pros, you just need to contact Aloha Construction and have them come out to your home and begin the work that is needed.

Another benefit to choosing Aloha Construction is because they offer free home inspections for you and your family. This means that you can find out if there is anything wrong with your house in order to make the appropriate changes. There are lots of professionals out there, but there is none so better than this company. When you hire the experts, they do their very best to ensure that you are satisfied with the work being done and will not leave until you are. This is why so many homeowners and business owners have chosen this company for themselves and have found them to be a great asset to their future homes and well-being. You do not need to spend a lot of money on renovation work when you make the decision to hire the right company and more




George Soros Makes The Right Moves For His Own Career

By always trying to show people how they can get the most out of their own lives, George Soros is giving others a chance to experience what he experienced when he was getting started with the career he had. He wanted to be a positive influence for other people and knew the easiest way to do that was through the use of the tactics he had come up with when he was doing things the right way. It was all part of what he could do and how he could make a difference. It led to him becoming more aware of the things that were going on and the things people could learn about on their own in different situations.

For George Soros to do this, he had to make sure people were experiencing more opportunities than they ever had before. It all went back to show people what they could do and how they’d have a more positive outlook on all the different things that were going on. In addition, George Soros knew what he was doing when it came time to make sure he was helping people out. It was always part of what would give him the opportunities he could enjoy. There had been many ways in which he changed and brought attention to the industry.

As things changed for George Soros, he saw there were things that he was doing the right way. He wanted to continue doing these things and make it easier for people to try more in their own lives. He also felt it was important to give community what they were looking for so they wouldn’t have to worry about the same issues as what they were dealing with in the past. Everything that George Soros went back to the hard work he worked on and the things he had done on his own.

There have been times where George Soros donated everything he had for the people who needed it. He knew what it would take and how he’d be able to show others what they could do. He also knew things were going to make sense for him and that’s what the purpose of his work was. The Open Society Foundation reported on what he had done. They showed that he was very supportive of different things and that’s how he was going to continue giving back the options people had chosen in the beginning.

Even when George Soros was pushing forward and trying to help people, he felt there would be options that would allow him to feel confident in what he was doing. He also knew what it would take to give attention to industry opportunities. Thanks to George Soros, there were other options people had and other things people were doing that would allow him to continue making things easier for himself and for other people who were also in the business. It was his way of providing things to other people and making them more aware of what they could use.

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The Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who has had a very successful career in working with startup companies. When he first began his career, he worked with entrepreneurs in the banking sector. During his career in banking, he provided loans for startup businesses. His next career experience was with investing in startup businesses. He spent a decade putting money into new companies and receiving a portion of their profits. Today, Mike Baur is the co founder of an innovative company called Swiss Startup Factory. This company helps entrepreneurs get the guidance they need in order to make their companies successful. With his new business, Mike as quickly established himself as one of the top entrepreneurs in all of Switzerland.


At the very beginning of his career, Mike got his first experience with startup businesses as a bank employee. For over two decades, Mike worked with entrepreneurs by helping them analyze their business idea and its profit potential. After evaluating their business idea, Mike would look to approve of loans that would give them the financing they needed. With his guidance, a number of entrepreneurs were able to make a number of sound financial and business decisions. As an employee in the banking industry, Mike was able to get valuable experience in terms of evaluating the potential for startup businesses.


Once he quit his career in banking, Mike Baur would then move on to the next key phase of his career. For the next decade, Mike would invest his money into startup businesses. He would evaluate each new company the same way he did in the banking industry and then look to invest in the ones with the most potential. The experience with investing in startups was very lucrative for Mike as he was able to make high profits on a consistent basis. With a combination of helping businesses with financing as well as investing in startup businesses, Mike came up with his idea for a business which as to provide startups with mentoring and consulting services.


Recently, Mike Baur started up the new company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company was intended to help businesses reach their fullest potential. Baur looked to develop a business model that was similar to his banking and investing experience. Mike put together Swiss Startup Factory as a way to help entrepreneurs present their business idea and then receive assistance. Once Mike decides to work with a business, he provides them with mentorship and coaching on a regular basis. This form of assistance helps these entrepreneurs with things such as financial management, marketing, management and development of products and services. Within a few short years, his company has emerged as one of the best in Switzerland.


Dr-Clay Siegall – Leading Seattle Genetics in Cancer Treatment Technologies

Dr. Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is currently the chief executive officer, the president and the Board Chair at Seattle Genetics. Dr. Clay Siegall also serves as the board of director chair at Ultragenyx pharmaceuticals. He serves as the boards of directors’ chair at Minma Theupitics Inc. another position that he is still serving is as the boards of directors’ chairman of Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

For many years, Dr. Clay Siegall has been dealing with cancer therapies. At Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has been responsible for the research and development of cancer drugs. He guides all the scientific innovations at the company. Under his leadership, Seattle genetics invented the antibody drug conjugate (ADC) which is a cancer treatment drug.

Seattle Genetics has earned several licenses for the ADC technology. Licenses such as GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Genetech and Pfizer have earned, Seattle Genetics a lot of money. Since the invention of ADC, Seattle Genetics has further invented 20 more ADC through similar technologies.

Seattle Genetics was started in 2001. Dr. Cay Siegall made efforts to raise an initial capital of 675 million dollars. Through this money, Seattle Genetics was able to advance their cancer treatment technologies.

Dr. Clay Siegall is a big time scholar. He holds a BSc. In Zoology, from the University of Maryland. His PhD is in Genetics awarded by George Washington University. He has two honors awarded by the University of Maryland. As a successful entrepreneur in Maths, Computer and Natural resources, he was given another award.

His profession has given him many accomplishments. He prides in his efforts towards helping the poor. He concentrates on research developments to come up with more technologies for healing cancer. Currently, over 60 countries in the world have been using the ADC therapy in treating cancer. His efforts are towards ensuring that the medical community has prioritized cancer therapies.

Seattle Genetics is a company that is dedicated towards improving the outcomes of patients through the ADC technology. This technology is designed to deliver some agents to kill the tumor cells. Come of the cancer types that they specialize in are: Breast Cancer, Urothelial cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and non-hodgkin lymphoma. The company is passionate about impacting the lives of cancer patient

Jason Hope Releases New Amazon eBook

Jason Hope is one of America’s great innovators, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a visionary thinker. He is from Tempe, Arizona where he graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA and degree in finance and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Mr. Hope is the CEO of JAWA having attained this position since 2005.

Jason Hope is also a financial supporter of the SENS Research Foundation, a California foundation which conducts research to cure diseases that lessens the aging process by repairing damages to cells. SENS research focuses on the prevention of heart, lung, and Alzheimer diseases. Jason Hope and SENS collaborate to redefine the industries that can get research products to market quicker, like biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

As a futurist, Jason Hope supports a theory called the “Internet of Things” (IoT). IoT refers to devices we use everyday enjoined through the Internet to transmit and store data. Jason has released a new e-book on Amazon entitled “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era.”

Jason explains in his book that the internet of things is helping to solve problems and increases efficiency across every industry in the world. His e-book is a learning guide too introduce people to the internet of things to help demystify this concept and to learn how to live with its exponential growth. Mr. Hope points out in his e-book that the internet of things will control over 26 million devices by 2020.

In other words, anything that requires an on and off switch would potentially be controlled through the internet of things principle. Mr. Hope explains that he sees an endless possibility in connecting people and devices through the internet of things. His e-book can be purchased and downloaded through the online Amazon e-book web site.

Jason Hope is passionate about his local communities and he supports many local organizations. He is known nationally as an effective business consultant who mentors and funds businesses, high school, and college students to help them bring their ideas quickly into the marketplace. He also supports non-profit charity organizations and programs for healthcare, education, orphans, medical/science research, and youth programs.

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End Citizens United Standing Up Against the Misuse of Election Campaign Finance Rules

The world of politics is not straightforward as it should be, especially today when the involvement of money is beyond comprehensible. People are spending way more money on elections today, and the corporation and wealthy people in business almost rig the polls with financial power. It has shaken the integrity of the independence that the politicians or the elections used to have at one point in time. In the United States, democracy is given a lot of importance due to its constitution, but it seems now that the voice of everyday people is not heard anymore.

In 2010, Supreme Court decided in a case that corporations can fund elections without any restrictions or cap on the number of money individuals or organizations can spend. It has led to large-scale funding during the elections, which has potentially made it impossible for honest candidates without enormous wealth to get into the limelight or win the confidence of the people. The political candidates who are backed by affluent businessmen and corporations have glittery election campaigns that eventually win the elections. So, in a way, one can say that the elections and its results are being manipulated with the involvement of unlimited amount of money flowing into the elections.

However, in 2015, Tiffany Mueller launched Political Action Committee by the name of End Citizens United. It aimed to overturn the verdict given by Supreme Court in 2010 so that the campaign finance rules can be appropriately structured for the benefit of the country and its people. End Citizens United wants to make sure that the fund it collects from the grassroots donors would be used to help the political candidates who are in support of the election campaign finance reforms. Recently, Tiffany Mueller released the list that showcased the list of political candidates that End Citizens United would be targeting in 2018, which included Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter, Mimi Walters and Dana Rohrabacher. These are the Republican Candidates whose track record is questionable as per Tiffany Mueller, and who are against the campaign finance reforms.

Tiffany Mueller is confident that sooner than later the aim of End Citizens United would be achieved as it creates a mass movement against the verdict of the Supreme Court. End Citizens United would stand against the political candidates who want to allow continuing the campaign finance rules as they are. In 2016, End Citizens United spent nearly $25.5 million on elections to oust the political leaders who are under the existing campaign finance regulations. Tiffany Mueller says that it plans to spread the awareness about how our elections are financed to every nook and corner of the country so that more people join their protest and make it a success eventually. It would reinstate the faith in our government and elections.

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Greg Secker, Great Motivator

Greg Secker is a successful businessman and motivational speaker. Secker has found many new techniques, including online trading systems and foreign exchanges systems. Secker is also known for motivating and helping people to become the best them who they can be. Over the years Secker has received several awards in many different categories for all of his hard work and kind acts. Secker has also wrote plenty of books that are all positive and centered around helping all of his readers reach their goals. Recently Secker completed an interview which relived all of the questions that his followers have had about he and his success.

Greg Secker has come out and admitted that if he could change in thing in his career, he would change how fast he was always ready to move. Before Secker experienced extreme susses, he was working very hard always thinking about what it would be like when he did become successful. Secker wishes that he could change this, he advice anyone who is in the same position that he was in to just embrace the journey. Try not to rush to where you want to be, it is best to just enjoy and embrace every step of the way that he takes to reach your career goals.

Secker has also admitted that all of his entrepreneur goals and success was stimulated from boredom. Secker used to work at a large financial company. While working at the company Secker began to feel like he wasn’t being challenged enough. As a result of this he began to come up with his own ideas that would help him be successful. In the end, this is what helped him to develop his trading ideas and become the man he is today. It doesn’t make sense to limit yourself if you are working with a company that you know you have outgrown. It is best to learn everything you need to know from the company in order to better your ideas and techniques.

In the end this is what motivated Greg to start motivating other to move forward in their lives!

Is Aloha Construction An Unsung hero?

In society, many of the most important figures doesn’t really receive the credit that’s long overdue. This is one of the downsides to mankind and this article is directed to promote one of the best unsung general-contractors in society as of today. Aloha Construction is the very definition of home-renovation success. This family-owned company has a long list of happy customers, has a remarkable resume, and it has helped to redefine home-restorative services of the 21st century. Just with this small amount of information alone, the company stands out amongst its competition.

Aloha Construction will give homeowners many more benefits than the average general-contractor. Why? The answer is very simple because its team of professionals will travel for longer distances to complete the work. Unlike other similar contractors, this contractor will provide work outside of its general-coverage area. Its official website is loaded with a ton of information, tips and tricks. This information can help you, the homeowner, with completing smaller repair services. One of the best ways to give your home an updated appearance is by installing some form of siding. Aloha Construction specializes in a wide variety of siding that includes vinyl, cedar, hardee board, brick and fiber cement. The options are endless, but it’s rather nice to have the ability of choosing from a wider selection. The company is also bonded and insured. This definitely assures the homeowner with a clearer peace of mind.

With success comes challenges and this family-owned company has had its fair share of it. Since it’s so successful, the company has had to expand its range. As of today, Aloha Construction has a second office in Bloomington, Illinois. The entire state can surely receive top-of-the-line work. All in all, (AC) is setting new trends, is raising the bar higher and is changing the status quo for the better.

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