TalkSpace: Providing the Therapy You Want NOW

Too many of US citizens are “time poor”, meaning that it can be hard to find time to get the help we really want or need. At least, that’s how it used to be before the internet. With booming online businesses, everything from wants to needs can be satisfied with just the click of a button. That now includes online therapy sessions.

TalkSpace’s wonderful services have gained a lot of popularity. With TalkSpace, you can speak with your therapist every day as it’s convenient for you. They will even match you with a therapist that specializes in what you need. From addiction to depression and everything in between, they have a therapist to cover it.

Plans start at just $32 a week, which will let you contact your therapist once daily. For $39, you can contact your therapist twice a day, and for $49, you get that plus a 30 minute “live” session each month. There are even special income restricted options for people with low income and/or no insurance.

TalkSpace recently partnered with Magellan Health, which will allow them to offer their services to anyone covered by Magellan Health insurance. This is great news for those who get insurance through an employer, who may not have time to go to “face-to-face” sessions.

While there may be some understandable drawbacks such as therapists being unable to read nonverbal cues, some experts have come forward to speak about how much more quickly clients make progress when they can answer at their own pace through a text system.

This is definitely a great option for those who have been needing or wanting therapy but have been unable to seek it because of a lack of time or finances.