Jason Hope Sets Sights on Anti-Aging Research.

Jason Hope is a unique face swimming in a sea of cutthroat entrepreneurs. The reason? His focus is on the future and, more than just that, his focus is on making the future a reality. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist who has made a name for himself in the industry thanks to his work on a variety of different high-profile projects. Right now, Hope is uniquely focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is a catch-all term for how smart technology will work in concert in order to make our life easier and easier, eventually dominating everything that we do. Hope isn’t only looking at the Internet of Things, however, as he has another topic that has captured his attention: anti-aging technology. Let’s take some time to learn about Hope, the Internet of Things, and his work with the SENS Foundation and their pursuit of anti-aging tech.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona so it should come as no surprise that he decided to pursue higher education while in his home state. Hope graduated from Arizona State after studying for his MBA in finance. From there, Hope wasted no time jumping into the industry as he quickly made a name for himself in the mobile communications industry. Hope quickly worked his way up the ladder, eventually getting to the point where he had enough freedom to start handing out grants and working on projects with other people. This would lead Hope to taking an interest in the SENS Foundation, a non-profit research center located in California. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

The SENS Foundation has been pioneering the hunt for anti-aging solutions for the better part of the past decade. Their work, led by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, has been pivotal in trying to answer many of the questions surrounding the illnesses that hurt us as we age. Hope said of de Grey and the SENS Foundation, “I believe their work is essential to the advancement of human medicine.” Hope would eventually take his faith in their company one step further when it was revealed that he had written a $500,000 donation to the facility. Hope’s donation went straight to addressing the problem that is Arteriosclerosis, which is a disease that hardens our arteries as we grow older. With Hope’s donation in tow, the SENS Foundation will be pushing toward life-changing revelations that could leave an impact long after he retires from the industry.  Jason Hope Pledges $500,000