What Paul Mampilly Says You Should Know About Bitcoin’s Downward Trend

Bitcoin is quite an interesting phenomena as a digital currency whose worth is in information and can be mined if you have the right equipment to do so. Paul Mampilly, an investment expert who writes for Banyan Hill noticed its growth over 2017 and he had a lot of positive things to say about it. But he also predicted that it was going to start falling in value and eventually having a crash, and he explained more about it in an article in which he warned his followers to avoid investing in it at the moment.

According to Mampilly, Bitcoin has been working the same way that other investments do when they reach artificially high prices in the market. Sometimes too many people start buying a commodity or stock that causes its value to go too high similarly to what happened when websites hit their high around 1999 or the housing market prices in the year 2008, and in both cases bubbles formed that ended up bursting. Mampilly says Bitcoin is going through the same trend with a surge in 2017 and followed by a crash through 2018 and steadily heading downward. For those reasons, Mampilly suggests avoiding Bitcoin but he did mention there’s another digital currency you could consider buying into that he only discloses to subscribers of his newsletters. Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History and Mampilly’s “#1 Stock for 2018”

Paul Mampilly made a major change to his investment career a few years ago after being one of the top advisors on Wall Street. He was born in India and sent to college at Montclair State University where he got his bachelor’s in accounting and finance. He started out as a researcher but became a prominent account manager for several big banks including Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears and Banker’s Trust. He made his biggest investments for client funds as the Managing Director of Kinetics International Fund bringing in 26% returns and making the headline of Barron’s magazine for bringing the hedge fund’s AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion. Mampilly also won the Templeton Foundation investment competition in 2009 for taking a $50 million investment and gaining 76% without shorting stocks or making high-risk day trading investments. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock

Paul Mampilly made a shocking move in 2012 not long after he had bought stocks in Sarepta Therapeutics and saw them gain over 1,000%. He left the offices of Wall Street and moved his family to a more suburban location in North Carolina. He said he had grown tired of the Wall Street culture and wanted to use his time to make a real difference in people’s lives. So he started writing at Banyan Hill to help people understand how to start buying stocks on their own. Within a short time, his newsletter “Profits Unlimited” picked up over 60,000 subscribers and many more have come. Readers have reported seeing incredible gains in their portfolio thanks to Paul Mampilly’s advice. Paul Mampilly Says Being “Chipped” Is the Wave of the Future