Lime Crime Vegan, Loud And Proud.

If you are new to the Lime Crime family, you have much to learn about their product line and their colorful founder Doe Deere. There are so many things that make the Lime Crime makeup worthy of talking about. We could go one and on about their colorful products that are designed to make your face and other body parts look as bright and beautiful as your sparkling personality. One of the things that needs to be talked about is the company’s strong vegan commitments. Doe started to make their products vegan friendly and as the product line expanded, that commitment did not change, it just grew stronger.

All of the products offered by Lime Crime are vegan friendly and Doe Deere went out of her way to make sure that anyone who produces their products treats them the way they should be treated and adheres to the company’s vegan friendly commitment. For example, all of their Unicorn Dyes are made in a vegan friendly way. These hair dyes are just amazing. The colors are bright and the dyes come in a variety of amazing colors that will make any hair style pop. They have chocolate cherry which is a burgundy red. This is a full coverage formula that works gently and damage free. This is one of the many one hundred percent Vegan friendly and Cruelty free products that really rocks. Chestnut is a great little number too. This is a hair dye that is semi-permanent but it makes a great, positive impression.

Another one of the colors that we think is pretty cool is the one called Pony. This an electric violet purple color. There are 26 colors in the Unicorn Dye collection. Even if you don’t want a hair dye there are so many products that are offered by this company that you are sure to delight in one of them. You can also rest assured that every product is vegan friendly and sure to please.