The OSI Group Commitment To The Sustainable Business Strategies

The management team at the firm was excited to become part of the highly successful global brand after every acquisition. They promise to work together to realize new heights of success for the group. All the company’s acquisitions have received support.

Besides expanded markets, OSI Group also benefits from the additional products that Baho and other subsidiaries carry. Some of these include deli foods and quick bites.

The group acquired three strategic businesses in Europe and one processing plant from Tyson in Illinois. The other two European additions include Flagship Europe in the UK and Hynek Schlachthof, a prominent slaughterhouse located close to Frankfurt in Germany. The slaughterhouse ensures OSI Group gets direct access to fresh raw meat.

It also works to support local livestock farmers and sustainable sourcing of food supplies, something that is at the core of the firm’s business strategies. Flagship Europe has a strong distribution network in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Its product range is a perfect fit for OSI Group. Some of the additional products it brings to OSI’s table include fresh produce, marinades, and frozen poultry meat.

Sheldon’s leadership

Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in the firm’s global expansion. He is an experienced entrepreneur and a banking professional. He worked his way through the ranks and into a shareholding position with the company.

He became a partner in the seventies and gradually took over from the original Otto brothers. He has a strong commitment to environmentally friendly operations at the firm’s operations throughout the world.

In addition, he strives to build an inspiring company culture that serves to unite the firm’s global units into one consistent approach to business.

Sheldon Lavin is passionate about giving. He feels a strong sense of social responsibility and supports local communities in the regions OSI Group operates in.

He is also known to support charities that are involved in the care of underprivileged children, youth education and chronic conditions.

Under his leadership, the company continues to scale higher heights of success. The British Safety Council recently recognized the group’s efforts to manage environmental risk.

It awarded the prestigious Globe of Honour Award to the UK subsidiary, OSI Food Solutions UK. The award is a testament that the integrated strategy the firm employs results in sustainable operations.

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