Futurist Jason Hope believes that anti-aging research will change the future

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, and futurist from Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2010, Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation. SENS is a non-profit company that specializes in rejuvenation biotechnology. Their goal is to study and develop preventative medicine to fight diseases that are caused by aging. SENS is funded by private donations from scientists, researchers, and investors like Jason Hope.

Hope’s $500,000 donation was used to create the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and start new research initiatives. Hope supports SENS because they strive to find cures for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and lung disease, which cause the body to age more quickly than normal. Hope said that not enough research has been done on these diseases, and he hopes that his donation inspires others to contribute to the research being done by SENS.

SENS has begun a program called AGE-breaker, which focuses on the elimination of metabolic waste products in the body called AGEs. As your body performs its natural processes, AGEs can accumulate and cause cellular damage. As a person ages, the effect of AGEs can lead to bodily changes, from loss of skin elasticity to severe diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. Not only are these diseases devastating to individuals and families, but they cost Americans billions of dollars each year. New research has pinpointed one protein in humans responsible for premature aging, and Jason Hope believes that research at SENS is going to yield cures for age-related diseases soon.

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona. He studied finance at Arizona State University and then attended the W.P. Carey School of Business MBA program. He has had many successful business ventures and has served as a mentor for entrepreneurs, young and old. Aside from his interest in anti-aging technology, Hope also supports technology that he believes will play a big role in the future, such as the Internet of Things. He discusses his ideas and his research on his blog.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope