Mike Baur: CEO of the Swiss Startups Factory

Mike Bour is a managing partner and the co-founder of the Swiss Startups Factory. Prior to establishing the factory, Mike was largely involved in the field of banking for a period of about twenty years. Some of the banks he worked with are the UBS and the Clariden Leu. He later on quit the banking career so as to invest in startup companies. In partnership with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, they founded the Swiss Startups Factory.


This company mainly offers support to innovative startups that appear equal to the task in the field of entrepreneurship. They offer mentorship, intensive training, and financial advice to these startups. This has made Mike Baur become a significant figure in the startup field in Switzerland. Mike graduated from the University of Rochester with an MBA, and later on furthered his education in the University of Berne where he pursued his Executive MBA. He is a responsible family man, with a wife and two children.


Mike Baur had an exclusive interview with ideamensch where he said that prior to establishing the company, he had assessed the idea by talking to people about it. He says that many didn’t see the need for such in Switzerland as the government offered support to the startups in the country. According to him, he had to work toward his target to disapprove those who thought it was a petty idea.


Mike Baur also talked about his typical day and said that his daily programs regularly change on the basis of the needs of the Startup he is working with at a time. He added that before his day begins, he has all his emails answered. This gives him the opportunity to interact and work with others instead of answering the emails. According to him, the most important thing for him is individually interacting with people. He also said that his productivity is mainly as a result of focusing on the urgent and significant topics.


During the interview, Mike Baur was asked what kind of job he did at some point of his life and considered it the worst. He said that when he was around fourteen years of age, he was selling ice cream along the lake for the entire day. His salary was based on the sales he made on a particular day and that’s where he got the experience to approach people and make them happy buyers.