An Overview of How ClassDojo Is Leading In Educational Technology Industry

The current trend in the education sector is education technology, edtech. Many entrepreneurs are coming up to make their way in investing towards this industry. From keen observers, 2017 was an incredible year for the startups in education techs to certain levels. One of the remarkable incidences was the introduction of coding tool called littleBits that unleashed a new kit for rave reviews and emerged among the stars of the National Principal’s Conference in 2017. Others like Nearpod did great work as well. Many entrepreneurs are hoping to become successful in the education market and are investing their time to reach out to teachers.

To thrive well, one needs to know what the teachers are looking for in the education technology products. In this article, some of the issues are addressed. The first point is that teachers want a product that is designed to solve the real problems in the education systems. This means that the tool needs to be needful in the first place. The problem comes in when the edtech companies assume that they understand the needs of the students and teachers. The important thing is to ensure you engage with the teachers and the students to know the challenges they are going through each day. This is the strategy used by a renowned company called ClassDojo. ClassDojo pays attention to the students, teachers, and teachers before they develop a tool. In the end, ClassDojo is in a position to provide solutions to all parties through perfect communication process. As of now, over 95 percent US-based schools and districts embrace ClassDojo. The second thing that teachers want is a tool that is tested and confirmed helpful over time. The other thing is the process of adoption and implementation. They need something that can be supported over time as they get used to the product through the process of adoption and implementation.

ClassDojo was founded in the year 2011 with the aim of giving parents, teachers, and learners the ability to have enjoyable and fun classrooms. The company is based in the heart of San Francisco, California. A wonderful communication app enables the learners to establish a solid relationship socially and emotionally. It is a simple way of engaging all the three parties in what is happening in the life of the student through messages, videos, and images.