Ricardo Tosto: Rallying Behind Law 13,254

Ricardo Tosto is one of the best lawyers in Brazil today, and he was recently featured in several reports about the law that concerns the regularization of overseas assets. Leite, Tosto and Barros, a law firm that was co-founded by Ricardo Tosto, stated that the new law would bring positive changes in Brazil. They stated that with the new law being enacted, Brazilian lawyers would have a chance to interact with foreign lawyers, and it would increase their knowledge about how laws are being applied overseas. The law numbered 13,254, is also referred to as a project that would ensure the repatriation of overseas assets, and according to Ricardo Tosto, he is looking forward to taking advantage of the said law.

Brazilians who are living overseas would benefit greatly from this new law. Ricardo Tosto explained that the repatriation of overseas assets owned by Brazilian citizens would allow for a joint effort to create documentation and necessary actions that would redirect the resources that they own. It would also allow Brazilian lawyers to become more aware of different laws that are being applied on an international level. Because of this new law, many Brazilians are seeing that their resources would be brought back to Brazil without the hassles because the lawyers will be working on something that would give them the edge.

Another advantage of this new law would be the bridging of information between Brazil and foreign countries. Gil Vicente Gama of the Nelson William Advogados and Associates affirms what Ricardo Tosto has stated. He believes that a new bridge between the local and international lawyers would be necessary, and it would help them develop further, and their knowledge about laws would become upgraded. Gil Vicente Gama also added that the possibly technical partnerships that would arise after the implementation of the new law would be able to facilitate certain processes and procedures that are known to be complicated. It would ease out this process, and the deals between Brazil and the foreign country where the resource originated would be called out completely, giving the country a healthy relationship with its foreign counterparts.

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