ChainSmokers Divide the Nation with Sick boy

The ChainSmokers have started the year off with a controversial song. Lyrics that follow the claim to separate our nation into east and west and narcissism and the hatred spread from one side to the other. Different kinds of hate but it all equals the same thing. Social media is starting to take a stand in how we as the “social” part of social media respond to news, ideas, concepts, and judgement about anything and everything. We are addicted to what is happening on the platforms we chose to communicate with and Sick boy is owning the narcissistic way it is going. The trend is separating our nation into sides. We have always as Americans, identified with which part we came from. Whether it was a Yankee or a Southerner, Northerner or Southwestern. We as Americans take pride in where are roots are.

We continually defend our home not remembering that “home” is the whole nation. We take pride that what we eat and drink is specific to our culture even within the boundaries of the nation. We judge others based on their ability or inability to honor any side of the nation but not as a whole. We divide this nation on social media by acting like is’t a different language to be on east or west. Sick Boy brings this to light and we don’t like it because we kind of want that separation. This is where our narcissism comes in that we want to be unique to being Southern or from New York or Midwestern or from California.

The lyric “lies spun into fairy dust” is insinuating that being on the west side of the nation is a fantasy or dream. Sick Boy helps us to see what social media is doing to help separate us and divide our nation into emotions of toxic levels. The ChainSmokers music is synthesizers and steady drum beat and piano.