OSI Industries Came From Very Humble Beginnings

OSI Industries is one of the largest and most successful food providing companies in the American market and the entire world. It has facilities in 17 countries and emplyes more than 20,000 people. It wasn’t always this way, though, because OSI started out as a humble meat market and deli in Chicago that was created by an Immigrant to the United States. This immigrant was Otto Kolschowsky, and he came from Germany with hopes to live the American dream. It was during 1909 that he started up his business in the west side of Chicago only two years after coming to the country. Because of his excellent offerings service, he was able to stay in business and just 10 years later, he was able to expand so that he was providing wholesale services along with his other existing services.

In its early days OSI Industries was named Otto & Sons, but this was only after his two sons came on to work with him, and it didn’t happen until 1928. Eventually, Otto & Sons would capture lightning in a bottle when the company partnered up with McDonald’s, who at the time was just another small business. This partnership had begun way before McDonald’s became the fast food giant that it is today, and OSI Industries, still known as Otto & Sons was to be the supplier of its fresh ground beef. It wasn’t long before McDonald’s began to expand into multiple cities, and it became Otto & Sons main focus to keep up with the supply of fresh ground beef. By the tail-end of the 1960’s, technology arrived that made Otto & Sons job easier and the company became one of only four suppliers for McDonald’s.

The company eventually came to be known as OSI Industries and grew to become a much larger food supplier than it was originally. Sheldon Lavin came aboard with the company in the late 1980’s and brought with him plenty of experience from the banking industry. It was during this time that the company began to experience another explosion, but this one had to do with the global food market rather than just McDonald’s. Today, OSI Industries is continuing to expand to locations all over the globe. Its sustainable and environmentally friendly model are winning over the hearts and minds of many consumers and food vendors. There is no doubt that the company will remain as one of the largest and most successful food companies in the world.

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