William Saito Succeeds in His Journey as an Entrepreneur against All Odds

The journey to success is entirely unpredictable. Many have succeeded after embracing the struggle, whereas others have succeeded after following their passion. Regarding passion, William Saito will form our basis of interest in this article. As a Japanese-American entrepreneur, Saito has been able to major in cybersecurity in relation to technology.

Background Data

As a young man, barely ten years old, William Saito had shown considerable interest in the field of technology. At age 10, he was privileged to have an internship at a computer programming firm. With time, he founded a software firm while still in college. The firm progressed, and it was later known as I/O Software. Since the firm had emerged as successful, William Saito was approached by Microsoft in 2002, and he was issued an offer that saw him sell the company. Also, as a renowned entrepreneur, William Saito has also been given various awards such as the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award back in 1998.

About William Saito

Our environment and places of upbringing at times determine passion. Moreover, time also plays a major role. Since William Saito was born to Japanese parents who resided in Walnut, CA which is in close proximity to Silicon Valley, this may have been a determining factor in the interest Saito gained regarding technology. Moreover, technology was being shaped during the 1970s and 1980s since many people had identified the various forms of necessity, thereby working towards bringing about various technological advancements that would come in handy in future.

Since William Saito had an interest in dissecting objects and understanding their modes of operation, he had already showcased an interest in engineering. Also, he was a bright student, and his teacher even proposed that his parents should get him a personal computer. By having access to a personal computer, Saito would improve on his science and math skills. Moreover, since he had also tried to crack the copy-protection software while in fifth grade, having a personal computer would help him explore his passion for programming and software. Although he was good at math and science, his mastery of English was quite poor. Saito strived to understand the language in a better manner with time. Nevertheless, his poor understanding of English did not keep him from achieving his goals in life.