Paul Mampilly: Turning everyday Americans into millionaires

In 1991, Paul Mampilly commenced his Wall Street career as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He graduated from Fordham University in 1996 with MBA. He quickly progressed to managing multi-million dollar accounts Deutsche Bank, where he researched biotech stocks. In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management, a $6 billion firm, recruited him to be their hedge fund manager. With him as the manager, the assets increased to $25 billion, and annual returns averaged 26% which made Barron’s to name it among the “World’s Best” hedge funds.

During the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, Paul Mampilly realized 76% returns on a $ 50 million investment, which grew to $ 88 million. He finally retired from Wall Street after becoming tired of helping the top 1% make money. Paul decided to assist everyday Americans profit from their investments. He does this through Profits Unlimited, a research advisory service, which uses the in-depth insight of his expertise to offer advice on latest investment opportunities. The subscribers to this service get information about firms that are on the verge of a significant medical breakthrough, which results in the potential for unbelievable profits. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

According to Paul Mampilly, the market for sneakers is on the verge of taking off this year. He noted that the stock price for Kering, the firm that owns Puma, is up 134%. However, other large companies like Nike and Adidas are also increasing their stock price with Adidas up 185% and Nike up 71%. Paul, in his Profits Unlimited Newsletter, attributes the upward trajectory to the millennial generation which is currently reaching adulthood. People who are in the millennial generation bracket are buying Lebrons and Air Jordans, and this has led to the increasing prices. Consequently, the stock prices of these companies are also going up. Paul further predicts that the market for sneakers is still going to climb higher because the millennials are continuing with their shoe fetish indulgence and adding to their collection of shoes. Stock prices for shoe companies can thus be expected to climb higher.

Paul Mampilly has also bet on precision medicine from a Midwest company that according to him will bring the most significant breakthrough in medical history. The company he tipped to his readers is Myriad Genetics, a diagnostics firm that also personalizes medicine. Paul had recommended precision medicine also in February 2017 from Foundation Medicine whose stock price since then has done extraordinarily well. Visit: