Southridge Capital Prominent Name in the Financial Services Sector in the United States

Southridge Capital has been able to establish itself as one of the leading investment banking and financial services provider in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and was founded in the year 1996 by Stephen Hick. It is also a securities brokerage services provider and has a vast network of clients spread across the country. As a comprehensive financial services provider, Southridge Capital believes in firstly understanding the requirements of the client after carefully assessing and evaluating their business and economic status.


The company has also established itself as one of the leading investors in the growth companies globally and has so far invested around $1.8 billion in nearly 250 companies. It is what has helped the Southridge Capital to understand the concerns that the growing and start-up companies face. The company specializes in providing services such as restructuring analysis, financing solutions, credit enhancement, securitization, convertible debentures, and more. You can visit



Southridge Capital also helps the companies in improving their credit standing through various credit enhancement measures, including liquidation of the stock and its mortgage. Mergers and acquisition are also one of the specialty services that the company provides and helps the company in the takeover process. It not only helps with balance sheet management and optimization but also ensures that the company has its finances well- managed. There are many financing options available these days that weren’t available to the companies earlier on, but most companies don’t avail these options that can benefit them. However, Southridge Capital helps the clients in availing such financing options that ensure that they do not lose their creditworthiness.


According to Newswire, Stephen Hick, founder, and CEO of Southridge Capital is also a well-known philanthropist and is the founder of the Daystar Foundation. The company is focused on the corporate social responsibility as well as its business side and encourages charity and volunteering in the community support initiatives. Southridge has been growing rapidly in the past few years under its expert management and continues to help to grow and established companies to achieve their financial goals. The company has established itself as one of the leading private equity firms in the United States.


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