Meet the corporate attorney, Michael Hagele

Some companies that deal with aerospace, internet, deference and biotechnology have from time to time sought the counsel of Michael Hagele. Michael Hagele is a renowned investor. He majorly invests in upcoming technological firms. He has also made investments in restaurants and hospitality firms. When it comes to technology, MrHagele is very experienced. He understands all the concepts involved in running a technology company from drafting to authorising distribution to drafting agreements with the telecommunication, hardware or software industries. Read more on

Prior to his current ventures, Michael worked with the internet providing companies as a general counsel. These companies sought his services in managing their legal issues. Michael Hagele has also worked with a company called Fenwick & West. He worked in the company’s branch in Silicon Valley. Michael is a graduate of the University of California. He is a Juris Doctor degree holder. He also went to the University of Iowa, from where he got his Bachelor of Arts Degree.

After working with numerous companies, Michael ruled out that most companies prefer seeking the services of an independent lawyer or a small law firm. This is because such organisations provide high-quality services at affordable fees. These small firms are the best to approach when starting up a technology company. This knowledge drove Michael to start up his small practice. Hard work and persistence are virtues that have driven Michael all through his career.

On a typical day, Mr Hagele would start off by going through his schedule for the day. From there he proceeds to work on what is on the agenda. After finishing up everything he is supposed to do, Michael goes for a bike ride. He states that this activity clears his mind and enables him to come up with productive ideas. The rest of his afternoon after the trip is always set aside to tackle any arising issue with his clients. Before leaving the office, he ensures that he has called his partners, especially the ones from overseas.

Michael Hagele states that his company has been successful because he makes his clients a priority. He says that to be a great attorney, one should always put the clients’ needs before his. Every decision an attorney or n entrepreneur makes should be in their clients’ best of interest. Check: