Malcolm CasSelle’s Work History In Tehcnolgy

Gaming is evolving with the advancement of technology. Game creators are developing the next generation of gaming with the effects of virtual currency. The problem that comes along with this is that often times it is hard to find a quality provider of buying and selling of virtual assets. WAX is a top leader in its category for its secure platform for handling virtual payments. The gaming industry is altering due to the influence and convenience WAX brings to game companies.

Malcolm CasSelle is the man behind WAX. As the company’s president, he is making sure the blockchain serves out the main purpose of giving game makers a secure platform for users to handle virtual currency. This distinct factor has caused Malcolm’s company to stand out from the competition. This technology project is not the first for the serial entrepreneur. He is an investor, a man of many talents and mostly an evolver with the advancement of technology.

After getting educated in computer science from Stanford University and MIT, he began to explore a career in the technology field. Soon, he began to become a manager of companies’ digital assets divisions. He has worked in media, which is no surprise to why he is beginning to dabble in the world of gaming. He leveraged digital assets for Tribune Publishing. He ran SeaChange International’s digital media efforts before selling the company his own private business. Before selling Timeline Labs, he had built the brand into a top tool for businesses wanting to measure social content.

Malcolm CasSelle is a major leader for digital startups. He led the formation and development of MediaPass. MediaPass is a subscription service that allows for customers to have access to major media outlets. He then became apart of Xfire. Under the leadership of Malcolm, this gaming company grew its membership to having tens of millions of users. He has led Groupon’s and Tencent’s venture in China. He is rather smart with money. With all the success he has had, he has made sure to properly invest his money. He is an investor in Zynga and Facebook.

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