OSI Industries Group Flourishes In The Food Group Industry

OSI Features Productive International Growth

The premiere OSI Group, proudly held by their President, David McDonald, as one of the largest food processing plants in North America. They’re proudly based in Aurora, Illinois and have operated for over a century in the food industry. OSI Industries is also joined by professional businessman, Sheldon Lavin. Today, their mission is to bring more customers than ever before, to the food industry. You have the option of getting a safe meal that is distributed and processed under strict food sanctions. Get the advantage of getting a quality meal on the table that you can afford.

Recent OSI Group News

Many people have safely been fed an OSI Industries diet around the world. In fact, they’ve partnered with one if the most popular food networks in the EU. Their goal was to partner with other international food groups that take passion in quality food distribution. They were able to successfully partner with the popular Flagship Food facility in Europe. They will operate one of the largest food plants in their territory. OSI also stands out with the proper daily allowance of meat specified for your diet. Learn more about the popular OSI Food Group by visiting online today.

OSI Charity News

You can go to their website and read more about their humanitarian relief efforts. They have been able to give back to the same communities they serve by offering aid. OSI Industries recently brought a Chicago food plant and helped thousands of people retain their jobs. Many people will be able to keep their current position because of their successful merger. They will continue to process Tyson foods along with their signature food products. Learn more about the premiere OSI Industries Group by visiting their official website today.OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago