Sheldon Lavin Achieves Great Success with OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman of OSI group, a company that is expanding to almost all parts of the world. Why has Sheldon Lavin been successful in the meat business? He is dedicated to what he does and also the experience has taught him many lessons that he uses to expand the business. Being in business for over forty years means he has learned the ropes of operating in the industry. The company was sometimes looking to expand to different areas and needed funds. That is when Lavin came in, and since then he has managed to transform the organization to become a great one.

His Background

Sheldon Lavin started his operations in OSI Group as a consultant. He partnered with the company in 1975, and he led the company to expand to other countries like Europe, Asia, and South America. He became fully involved in the company in 1980 when he was allowed to control its operations. Sheldon also developed a good culture for the company whereby all the employees of OSI Group are treated as one family globally. That has led the company to work with same dedicated employees since they are treated well and more

Sheldon Lavin and Charity participation

Apart from his business involvement, Sheldon Lavin is also actively involved in philanthropic activities. Some of the notable organizations that he is actively involved include the Ronald McDonald, Boy, and Girls of Chicago Club and United Begra College among others.


Sheldon has received many awards since he joined OSI Group because of his hard work and dedication. He has been recognized around the globe in both health and environmental management, and in 2016 he received an award from British Safety Council. He was recognized for expanding OSI Group to cover many parts of the world and provide jobs for those jobless. He also received the Global Visionary Award from the Indian Academy because of working on his visions and achieving them. He has also received different awards for his outstanding work and taking part in services like being the chairman of Sheba Foundations. He continues to lead the company in the right direction.