How to Avoid Debt to Reach Financial Fitness

A crucial step in the journey to becoming financial fit is developing the ability to avoid debt. Debt is a major factor in the way most modern people conduct their business, family, and social lives. Debt is generally necessary to purchase homes, cars, and even home improvement items. It can also be used to make normal activities easier, as in the case of hotel bookings, car rentals, and other reservations. Although it can be useful, debt can also be tricky to navigate and its poor use can leave entire households in disarray. If you’re struggling to maintain financial fitness because of debt, here are several ways to minimize or avoid debt until it can be used responsibly.


Make a commitment to paying for monthly necessities in cash.

The primary way to avoid debt in exchange for establishing financial security is to avoid paying for necessary items with credit. Using credit cards to pay for items like groceries, monthly bills, house hold items, or extra curricular activities is an easy way to become more dependent on credit than is useful. If credit is needed at all, it should be reserved for minor, non essential purchases such as restaurant dinners.


Eliminate credit options like credit cards.

The elimination of credit cards completely as a credit option is also beneficial to avoiding debt. While debt like home mortgages and car loans might be necessary for daily function, credit cards are usually quite avoidable. By cutting out the use of credit cards for monthly spending, individuals can greatly reduce their interaction with stifling debt.


Create an emergency fund to eliminate the need for credit use.

Developing an emergency fund can also help individuals to avoid interactions with debt. Usually, credit cards come in handy during emergency situations where funds have not been allocated appropriately. By establishing an emergency fund of at least a few months worth of major bills, families have a reserve that will allow them to avoid debt completely even during difficult situations.


Consult financial strategists.

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