OG Juan and The Recent Collaboration of Roc Nation with Beyonce and Jay-Z

There can be a lot of ideas people can read online. These ideas can either be beneficial to their wellbeing, powerful influence to their career and even a source of inspiration for their daily functioning. There are also sad stories that would challenge the empathy of the readers and stir them up enough to get them to work for the right solutions to resolve the problems. The story that readers can read in Gazette Day about OG Juan and his wife Desiree Perez is doubtless filed under stories that would inspire leaders, entrepreneurs and other social work advocates.

The Gazette feature is entitled “Everything is Love…” and it is a feature of how Roc Nation founders, leaders and power couple OG Juan and Desiree Perez are doing their best to bring the best of entertainment to the world. Roc Nation under OG Juan has built a name in the industry as a premium source of full-service entertainment to the world, including entertainment in publishing, touring, film and TV ventures. The latest project of the couple, as confirmed by the Gazette Day article, is the involvement with Beyonce and Jay-Z in creating the new album of the couple, whose new moniker would be The Carters.

The Carters is the collaboration of Beyonce and Jay-Z to boost the couple’s already powerhouse reputation in the music industry. The album by The Carters is released on Tidal, which is a music-streaming service owned by Jay-Z. Their new album is called Everything is Love, and it is a continuation of the albums already being released by Beyonce and Jay-Z, including Lemonade, the album released by Beyonce that delves into the infidelity of Jay-Z. This new album with OG Juan then continues the exploration of the couple of their roots as blacks, their creativity, their friendships, feuds and everything in between.